BOOM! Watch As PISSED OFF NJ Trump Supporters Tell Biden What They Think of Him- “Murderer! Worthless Piece Of Trash!”

The American people are beyond frustrated, angry and all together done with the Demented fraudulent puppet President! Worthless pile of TRASH!


Biden is a complete disgrace to The United States of America along with the deep swamp of corrupt filth in congress that are hell bent on Marxism and the destruction of America and our values.

We cannot count on elections, voting or even the GOP to dismantle the radical left machine that is eroding our nation at a record pace and with no opposition.

As Breitbart reported,  President Joe Biden was met with angry criticism when he traveled to Manville, New Jersey, to meet with storm victims on Tuesday.

The president walked through the neighborhood with local New Jersey officials including Sen. Cory Booker, observing the damage caused by record flooding from the remains of Hurricane Ida.

As he walked around the streets littered with storm debris, Biden was soon confronted by angry shouts from people in the area.

Media cameras caught a group of people shouting over the fence at Biden as he met with homeowners in the area. One of them was holding a Donald Trump flag.

At the 10:30 point, a woman and man begin yelling:

“It’s sad. It’s sad that America has come to this. It’s despicable,” a woman shouted.

Biden and the Marxist regime currently in control of our nation are the very definition of “traitors” to our nation, it’s people and the foundations of a free nation.

People need to stop expecting politicians to fix the nation and start demanding our nation be saved from these evil and America hating scumbags that desire to see every American on their knees in submission.


Breitbart continued, Another man expressed his frustration that his friend died in Afghanistan only to watch Biden abandon Americans in the country.

“Best friend died in 2011 Afghanistan for what?” he asked. “This guy to pull this shit?”

Others shouted, “Leave no American behind!”

Secret Service agents blocked the group from coming any closer to Biden.

“You shouldn’t be protecting tyrants,” a woman shouted.

Other people in the neighborhood shouted at Biden.

“Go to sleep Sleepy Joe! Pedophile!” another man shouted.

Biden began his journey in the streets wearing both his mask and his aviator sunglasses but soon dangled his mask from his ear as he met with a small boy and gave him a hug. Later, the president shed his mask entirely as he met with more residents in the area.

The president appeared annoyed with the angry shouting, calling them “the people who stand on the other side of the fences who don’t live there….”

Biden also claimed the shouting people opposed action on climate change, despite no evidence to back his assertion. New Jersey is typically a Democrat state but has a vocal group of Trump supporters who made themselves heard.

On occasion, Republican candidates make up political ground in off-election years when a Democrat is president.

A recent Republican consultant poll shows that GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli is within a three-point lead of current Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ).


We must never forget who we are as a people and how our nation was founded and what it takes to save freedom and rights.

People need to stand-up and speak out, start demanding that their state politicians stop following these draconian mandates, executive orders and Marxism.

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God Bless.

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