SAY WHAT? Black Lives Matter Call Massive 2 Billion Year Old Boulder THIS- Libs CAVE And Have It Removed [VIDEO]

Our taxes are being used to move a freaking boulder that offends Black people. 

A boulder, a 2 billion year old boulder, is found to be racist and the University deployed their strike team to remove the dangerous boulder that clearly hates anyone who is not white!   It is said that the boulder has “white rage” and the temper tantrum babies demand the boulder be placed on the “White Supremacy terrorist’s” list!


Keep reading, this actually happened, stop laughing, seriously people! Ahem, this is a serious threat to our nation!

Everyone knows rocks are racists, they all hate Blacks!  Black Lives Matter student union sprung into action and conquered the mighty rock by having the hate-filled rock banned from the University!

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Our world is a little safer now that the racist boulder is shamed from society.


The University of Wisconsin removed a controversial boulder from its Madison campus Friday after the Black Student Union and other activists objected to its description nearly 100 years ago with a racial slur, Fox News reports. 


Chamberlin Rock, which rests atop Observatory Hill, is named after a 19th Century geologist and former university president, Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, whose work centered on glacial deposits, according to a bio on the university’s website.

But it was a reporter’s reference to the rock in a nearly century-old Wisconsin State Journal article that prompted the push for its removal.

In October 1925, the university had the boulder excavated and placed prominently atop the hill to honor Chamberlin, who would die in Chicago three years later. The rock was a rare specimen believed to be more than 2 billion years old, and before it was installed on Observatory Hill, only about a foot and a half was visible above ground, according to the article. It was believed to have been carried by glaciers from Canada to Wisconsin.

Hopefully everyone caught the extreme sarcasm at the beginning of the article!

This is how damn dumb our nation has become and how “woke” these morons are.  These babies need to get over  themselves and their demands need to start falling on deaf ears.  Maybe ignoring them will make them cry themselves to sleep or maybe it will just make their temper tantrums more public, but one thing is for sure, only the dumb support the dumber.

Fox News continued:

In the 1920s, a slang term used to describe large dark rocks included the N-word, and it appears in coverage of the rock’s installation.

That’s called history. AND IT WAS A FREAKING 100 years ago. Get over it.


University researchers did not uncover other instances in print where the rock was referred to with this word, but they said the Ku Klux Klan was active on campus at the time of the rock’s dedication, according to an article in the same newspaper published earlier this week.



Juliana Bennett, a senior and a campus representative on the Madison City Council, said removing the rock signaled a small step toward a more inclusive school.

“This moment is about the students, past and present, that relentlessly advocated for the removal of this racist monument,” she told the Associated Press. “Now is a moment for all of us BIPOC students to breathe a sigh of relief, to be proud of our endurance, and to begin healing.”

University Chancellor Rebecca Blank approved Chamberlin Rock’s removal back in January, but the school also needed approval from the Wisconsin Historical Society because the boulder sat within just 15 feet of a Native American burial site.

Chamberlin will get a new plaque in a building already named after him, and the boulder will find a new home near Lake Kegonsa on other university-owned land.

Student groups had also demanded the removal of an Abraham Lincoln statue from campus – but university leaders rejected that request.

Talk about a student with way too much tie on their hands!  How pathetic is it when a student walks passed a ROCK and starts to mad-dog the rock all the while thinking, “damn you rock!  You are racist!”

One could speculate that by giving in to the demands of the tantrums, people are endorsing and tolerating the morons.  Which just leads to more tantrums and woke dipshits canceling everything they do not like.

How in the hell did we let it get this out of control?

A freaking rock is racist. What a joke. LOL!😂



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God Bless.

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