BOYCOTT: Famous Liberal Director Just TRASHED Kids Who Have Cancer- Liberals And MEDIA SILENT

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Avengers’ Director Joss Whedon Compares Trump to a Pedophile…


It seems there is nothing sacred and no lows that the left will not sink to in their efforts to defame those they deem political adversaries. Apparently, a difference of opinion is no longer allowed, freedom and liberty are no more, at least not if you are liberal Hollywood director Joss Whedon.

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Best known for directing the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” stooped to all new levels of disgusting behavior, even for the left. Whedon made sexist pedophilia jokes on Thursday about a group of teenage cancer survivors. Yes, he is THAT disgusting. This pig literally mocked the girls on Twitter making cruel and loathsome insinuations that Ryan was conduction some sort of “wife hunt” on behalf of President Trump among the obviously underage girls.


Whedon, who at the age of 52 should know better, gave $1 million to a super PAC he founded personally in his efforts to help elect Hillary Clinton president.  Whedon is a self-described feminist and a political liberal/progressive. His bitterness at her epic defeat was showing when he published the vile tweet just a few hours after Ryan published the original photo commemorating the event.

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In response to the epic backlash his vile comments rightfully received, Whedon deleted the tweet and then tweeted a sort of backhanded sorry not sorry apology.  It was duly noted and the masses called him out for his non-apology, myself included.

Whedon’s behavior seems to be typical of the left but nevertheless, it is very likely he will suffer no serious ramifications from his toddler-esque tirade. Yet unless the right begins to hold these bullies accountable for their actions they will continue to behave as they do, perhaps getting worse.  What you allow will continue.   Do not allow him to emerge from this fiendish tweet unscathed. Words and actions matter.  He should be accountable for his.

God Bless.

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