ALERT: ALL “Brain Dead” Persons Can Be Harvested For Organs According To New Law


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If You Like Your Body, You Can Keep It…Unless…

“Oh, he’s practically brain-dead. Go ahead and get the knife.” – A future conversation likely to take place between surgeons if Theresa May has her ugly way. Welcome to the future of Universal Healthcare in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is hoping to pass legislation that will enable the state to seize the bodies of the recently departed British subjects and cut them open for organ harvesting.  It sounds grizzly because it is — and the law should have every civic-liberties minded person concerned for the safety of their loved ones.


Universal Heatlthcare sounds like a dream come true, but what if it meant you’d be at risk for an organ harvesting procedure if doctors believe you’re unlikely to survive surgery? Many have worried that Universal Healthcare would leave the state gawking at individuals like they were a farmyard investment.  Such concerned parties have warned that once the government begins paying for your healthcare, they will consider your body partially their property and feel free to dispose of it however they might like.

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Imagine a vicious car crash where a very slim chance of survival is expected for the victim and the surgeon operating makes a judgement call deciding that the only remaining use for the patient’s body is for organ removal.  That could be the fate of subjects of the crown if the parliament has its way.


The Facts Of The Matter:

The Guardian was first to report on the issue:

England could introduce the so-called presumed consent system of organ donation in which people have to actively opt out if they do not wish to be donors, Downing Street has said.


Wales introduced the system in December 2015, and saw an immediate rise in the availability of organs to help seriously ill patients.

On Wednesday, ministers in Edinburgh announced plans for a “soft opt-out” system in Scotland, whereby patients are assumed to agree to donate useful organs after their death unless their families strongly object.

This is a very dangerous precedent to set and it leaves a lot of pertinent questions unanswered.  For instance, how will people that arrive technically braindead be handled? How will patients that have a narrow chance of surviving surgery be treated? If surgery goes foul, will doctors immediately proceed to carve up patients and harvest their organs?

There’s a massive human element that is disregarded under the pretense of saving human lives.  There’s no such thing as presumed consent nor is there any such thing as a forced donation.

It’s Already In Effect In Wales:

The law, which would be modeled after a Welsh law already in effect, has been alarming some residents of Wales.  On responder on a forum relates the evolution in how “death” was determined by doctors overseas:

The current terminology “Brain Death” was unheard of.

When surgeons realized they had the capability of taking organs from one seemingly “close to death” person and implanting them into another person to keep the recipient alive longer, a “Pandora’s Box” was opened.

In the beginning, through trial and error, they discovered it was not possible to perform this “miraculous” ‪#‎surgery‬ with organs taken from someone truly dead, even if the donor was without circulation for merely a few minutes, because organ damage occurs within a very brief time after circulation stops.

To justify their experimental procedures it was necessary for them to come up with a solution which is how the term “‪Brain Death‬” was contrived.

It’s clear that there’s a great deal of grey area here.  We’d love to hear your thoughts below, do you think this is a good idea?



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