BREAKING: Brave Patriot Marjorie Taylor Greene Takes Time To Destroy Every Single Commie On The Floor And It’s ALL On VIDEO!!! [WATCH]


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a fireball for the right and is one of the democrats worst enemies.


She speaks the truth and stands up for America- something both parties should be doing 24/7 but they don’t.

The democrats are now Marxists and are anti American.

They have wasted tons of money and have spent all of their time trying to nail Trump.

Now they are going after Trump supporters. It’s ridiculous.


From Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke on the House floor today to inject a huge dose of truth into the discussion on the floor by Democrats to try and push through a commission to investigate the January 6th protest at the Capitol. Democrats have been pushing the false narrative that the January 6th protest was an insurrection. Rep. Taylor Greene brought up all of the damage and violence committed by BLM and Antifa and said THEY should be investigated…”Are those not insurrections?”

This is fantastic! Green turns the tables on the Democrats instead of retreating like most Republicans do when confronted by radical Democrats. With help from the media, the Democrats have made the January 6th protest into something it WAS NOT. Also, the media has completely ignored the violence and destruction from BLM and Antifa.


Great questions from Greene! She’s a true leader who is a rising superstar in the Republican party. It’s just too bad the Republicans don’t see it and throw their support behind her.

Video just came out proving that the Capitol police invited in the protesters on January 6th. The narrative is falling apart and people are asking questions:

The narrative from Democrats and Nancy Pelosi about the protest on January 6th at the Capitol has been to call the event an insurrection. The mantra from the left has repeatedly pushed the false premise that there was danger and that a group of Trump supporters were trying to take over. More and more evidence is coming out to prove the Democrats and Pelosi wrong. The narrative is dying…

Exclusive video obtained by American Greatness shows USCP officers talking with January 6 protestors inside the building that day, giving the ok to enter and peacefully protest.

Julie Kelly reports: A newly-obtained video shows United States Capitol Police officers speaking with several January 6 protestors—including Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Q shaman”—inside the Capitol that afternoon.

The clip directly contradicts DOJ complaint that claims USCP told this group, which included Jacob Chansley, to leave. Chansley has been in jail for more than 4 months. He’s not accused of assaulting an officer, vandalism, or any serious crime.

Kudos to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for standing up for America.

We need more Republicans to start FIGHTING THESE LEFTIST LUNATICS!

It’s time to enjoy social media again… without the filthy Communist censorship!

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God Bless.

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