New Orleans July 4th boat parade canceled because of Trump’s election


An extremely popular annual July 4th parade of boats in New Orleans has been canceled this year for an insanely leftist reason.

Why? The founder of the parade is an anti Trump leftist Obama loving liberal pile of trash.

Listen to this crap.

“When I think about wearing my flag dress and waving flags; I don’t know what it means this year,” Katrina Brees told The Times-Picayune. “There are a lot of questions about our government.”

There have always been questions about our government. 

How was a foreigner who was born in Kenya able to be elected as our president? 

But you had no problem waving your stinking flag dress then you filthy liberal dirt.

The July 4th Flotilla paraded around Bayou St. John every year since 2012, but Brees said her “heart is just not in it this year.” The anti-Trump humor in Mardi Gras parades this year didn’t seem to lift her spirits, Fox News reports.

How can anyone with a brain NOT have their spirits lifted knowing that we have a president that loves America and is 100% dedicated to bringing our country back from 8 years of Marxism, division and complete chaos?

Yeah, we know that you are a filthy liberal pile of garbage and are blinded by hatred. 

She also was concerned about the large crowds, garbage, costume remnants, fireworks and boats left behind after the event.

Oh, now you are concerned? Why the sudden shift libtard? Global warming? Punk a** bi*ch. 

The parade was to feature a coronation of royalty in Krewe of Kolossos, a mobile spectacle that transforms trash into art. However, she noted that most people that attend the event aren’t affiliated with the krewe, The New Orleans Advocate reported.

She said that due to the large volume of people attending the event, “it got really old picking up other people’s messes.”

Yeah. It gets really old paying for freeloading liberals and illegal aliens too. 

Brees said that she is not pleased that the event is over, but she is relieved. She said she wouldn’t be opposed if someone wanted to carry on the tradition.

Loser. Lib. Lazy filth.

Check it out:

Yeah, hide behind your pathetic excuses. The bottom line is that you are an anti-Trump ahole and a lazy pile of liberal crap.

F New Orleans anymore. It’s just a liberal cesspool of drunken trash.

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