BREAKING: 7 Blacks Were Just SHOT But Al Sharpton Doesn’t Care… Here’s Why


Hey AL! ALL black lives should matter…



As we have seen a lot lately, when a White shoots a Black all hell breaks loose. We saw that in Ferguson and New York. Whites can’t even sit down to breakfast without getting harassed by black agitators.

When a Black shoots a White you hear nothing, at least in the lamestream media. Nor do you see rioting.

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But what about when a Black shoots another Black? You would think it would be huge! I mean, after all, BLACK LIVES MATTER right? You’d think the live of a Black person would hold the same value regardless of the color of the skin of the person that shot him or her right? Well, apparently that’s not the case. Take a look.


A gunman opened fire in Florida at a spring break party, inuring seven people, three of them critically.

So where is the outrage? Where are the marches? Where are the riots? Where are the black t-shirts and hashtags?


And where in the hell is Al Sharpton? Or Eric Holder? How about Jesse Jackson or Obama for that matter?

They don’t care. But these 7 people are black! Makes no sense except…

The problem here is that the Blacks were shot by a BLACK! Not a WHITE! So it’s not something these race-baiters can use to their advantage in their endless pursuit to divide the races. There’s also no money in it for them. So we have silence. So typical.

Allen B. West reports:

The shooter, 22-year-old David Jamichael Daniels, of Mobile, Alabama, was been charged with seven counts of attempted murder and jailed awaiting a first court appearance. He is believed to have used a .40-caliber handgun which was found in the yard of a nearby home.

According to the Associated Press, “Sheriff Frank McKeithen said a busy party full of dancing young people dissolved into “a chaotic scene.” Daniels was free on bond on a drug possession charge in Alabama, the sheriff said, and was accompanied by two others, one who had been recovering from a gunshot wound suffered in Mobile last week.”

At least three of Daniels’ victims were critically injured: Kearria Freed, 20, who was shot in the head; Devanta Moore, 21, who was shot in the chest; and Henton Franklin, 22, who was shot in the side, according to AP.

“Three others were listed in stable condition: Jacole Young, 22, who police said was shot in the back three times; Kelli Curry, 21, who was shot in the leg; and Tykeria Ethridge, 22, who was shot in the neck and shoulder.”

“A seventh victim — Anesia Powell, 20 — was shot in the left arm, chest, and knee, and was undergoing surgery Saturday.”

Like I said, these Black on Black crimes should be equally as important as any other shooting but again, it doesn’t fit their agenda and there’s really no money in it for these scumbags… #ALLLIVESMATTER

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