BREAKING: Alabama Governor Abolishes ‘Gun Free Zones’ At Rest Areas… Orders All Signs Removed #2A #NRA



Last week many news sites, including AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS reported that Alabama had designated all rest stops ‘gun free zones’ and the backlash from Patriots on this ridiculous policy was huge!

So huge, in fact that the Governor has reversed the decision and has ordered all “no weapons allowed” signs to be removed! Hell yeah! A VICTORY for all 2A rights defenders!

Good for Governor Bentley. He is keeping his campaign promises from 2010 which is extremely rare to see these days!  Here is what the good Governor promised:

  • I will defend Alabama’s sovereignty from federal encroachment, consistent with the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution.


  • I will protect each Alabamian’s right to legally purchase, own, carry and use firearms.



  • I will ensure the state government does not hinder city and county government operations.



  • The Second Amendment clearly grants every American the right to own firearms. As Governor I will protect each Alabamian’s right to legally purchase, own, carry, and use firearms.



 at Yellow Hammer News reports:

ALDOT cited a provision of the Alabama Code that gives the agency the power to “prescribe any reasonable rules and regulations so as to prevent unnecessary trespassing upon or injury to any of the public roads, bridges, or highways of the state upon which state money may be expended or appropriated or upon any part of the right-of-way of any of the public roads or highways in the state upon which state money may be expended or appropriated.”

In their own administrative rule, ALDOT created a regulation which reads, “No person other than a duly authorized law enforcement officer shall enter any Alabama Department of Transportation building with a firearm… without the written permission of the Director.”

This is the provision the agency used to justify the “no weapons allowed” signs at rest areas along Alabama’s interstates and highways.


This ALDOT enactment seemed to contradict state law, which gives “the Legislature complete control over regulation and policy pertaining to firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories in order to ensure that such regulation and policy is applied uniformly throughout this state to each person subject to the state’s jurisdiction and to ensure protection of the right to keep and bear arms recognized by the Constitutions of the State of Alabama and the United States.”

Evidently, Governor Bentley agreed.

We want to commend Yellow Hammer News for leading the charge in Alabama on this on-going attack against our Second Amendment rights! Together We Stand!


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