BREAKING ALERT: Massive Ammo Shortage Across America RIGHT NOW- Here’s What You Need To Do IMMEDIATELY



Firearm ammunition is currently a highly controversial topic as well as an insane amount of theories on why our nation is seeing a national ammo shortage.

If you believe in such things as government coincidences, which history has proven do not exist, anyways, if you believe in such things, the current left extremists in our government have been on a witch hunt to ban ammo, make ammo unattainable as well as working on draconian firearm bans and laws.

Fox News Business reports that ammunition inventories that were depleted during the pandemic are showing no sign of improving, according to Smith & Wesson Brands CEO Mark Smith. 

Gun sales in the U.S. have soared over the past 15 months as people sought protection in response to the wave of civil unrest that occurred following the death of George Floyd as well as an increase in socially distant outdoor activities amid COVID-19 lockdowns.

Firearms enthusiasts also stocked up to prepare for the possibility of stricter gun regulations during the Biden administration.

The unprecedented demand for firearms has made it difficult for manufacturers to keep ammunition on store shelves.

“It’s widely known the ammunition shortages continue,” said Smith & Wesson CEO Mark Smith. “There is still a lot of interest in firearms.”

It would be easy to simply believe that demand in firearms has gone up, therefor firearm purchases have gone up which all equal a huge increase in ammo purchases.  While that is true, it has nothing to do with current ammo shortages and the INSANE rise in the cost of ammo.

Now before some lose their minds over that statement, we will cover what information we can.  First and foremost, most places that sell ammo have limits on how many boxes a person can purchase.  Second, most places cannot even get the inventory they used to get long before the ammo shortages even began.

Worth noting is that corporations LOVE shortages, low supply and high demand equals ridiculous profits for the corporations.

Fox News continues, NICS background checks have climbed 6.8% year over year to almost 1.63 million through the first five months of 2021. Last year they soared 40% to a record 39.695 million.

Background checks are indicative of sales trends but don’t translate directly to sales. For example, customers can purchase multiple firearms at once and only be the subject of one background check.

A survey of 1,800 customers conducted in April by market research firm Southwick Associates found three-quarters of respondents encountered out-of-stock issues when trying to purchase ammunition. That was down slightly from the four in five customers who faced the problem in 2020.

Eighty-one percent of those surveyed said they would like to have more ammunition.

“At some point, demand will certainly soften,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates. “However, frenzied purchasing and empty shelves often fuels further increases in demand. We do not see demand softening in the near future.”

Manufactures cannot say they are being pushed beyond their capacity, otherwise the stores would still get their normal shipments, but they are not, they are getting far less.  It would make no sense that manufactures are making even more ammo yet stores are getting far less, then turning around and saying its economics “Supply and demand”.

Whatever is going on, it is clear that American firearm owners are being played, its just a matter of who is all involved in this and why in the hell people believe the bullshit lies.


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