BREAKING: Another Wildly Popular Conservative Star Gets FIRED- It’s Time To Boycott NOW


The latest comes from DISNEY. Walt is rolling in his grave. These people are freaking SICK IN THE HEAD!

For all too long now we have watched person after person lose their social media accounts, or be fired for saying outrageous stuff on their social media accounts. While some people have made some very bone headed mistakes in their social media posts, they still should have a right to say what ever dumb idea they want to. Their ability to keep their job is a completely different story.

For almost a year or so now, off an on, the leftist mob has been trying to get popular actress Gina Carano to be removed from the wildly popular show on Disney+ called “The Mandolorian.”

They succeeded.

But look at the hypocrisy from these leftist dirtbags.

FOX NEWS has more:

Carano was dropped from her role on Disney’s “The Mandalorian” after comparing today’s political divide to the events in Nazi Germany on social media – but her now-former castmate received a pass for making a similar comparison, and many critics are pointing out the hypocrisy.

As a result, a similar 2018 tweet from “Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal doing essentially the same thing was unearthed Thursday, leaving fans confused about why only one of the actors was punished.

It’s because of their political beliefs.

Carano was a popular character on the show as she was a very attractive female who had a background in mixed martial arts. The problems began when she started pushing back on transgender madness. This has been a hotbed issue for years now with the recent Supreme Court rulings, to former President Trump’s ban on transgenders being able to serve in the military.

The “woke” blue check mark Twitter crowd will tell you it’s because you are a bigot, hate mongerer, and so on if you don’t rush out to date a transgendered person. What they won’t tell you is that up until 2013, transgenderism was known in the psychology’s book for diagnosing disorders called the DSM-5  as gender dysphoria. As to exactly why the mental illness was stricken from the books officially has never been released. However, given the culture we live in, and the administration that was in charge of the United States at that time, it’s pretty easy to figure out why transgender became suddenly a normal mental health condition.

Now you and I both know the left hates us, they hate our ways of life, they hate our values, they hate science, they hate everything including themselves. That is why when they see a beautiful, successful woman like Carano, they set out to destroy her. In fact, it’s not just destroy her, they want her late term aborted. That’s exactly right patriots, the left wants anyone who opposes them aborted. Why am I saying that? Because in the left’s mind, abortions are for those who would be a “scourge” or a “problem” for society. They hate success stories like that of a white woman who doesn’t go woke for them, but is acting in their favorite television shows.

These “woke” leftists want everyone who doesn’t agree with them to not just be shut down from all forms of digital communication on social media, they want you fired and unable to ever hold a job. Look at what the pedophiles of the Lincoln Project were doing to keep anyone who worked under President Trump from ever being hired. They won’t just stop there though! Once they have you unemployed, they want to take away your ability to bank, to shop for groceries. We know they want to render you utterly defenseless and strip you of all your arms. We watched Beta O’Rourke the Irish want to be Latin man from Texas blurt  out on national television “Hell Yeah, we’re coming for your guns, and your ar-15’s.”

My fellow Patriots, make no mistake, these people are satanic and evil. Their rhetoric of us who voted for Former President Trump, is a casting of their own hate and actions. They hate us, they want us removed from society because they know their ideas can not hold up once exposed. This is how satanic cults operate my friends, they speak out what they are doing upon you, so that they appear to the masses as righteous. I beg of you to all add 5 more minutes of prayer in your life. Hold the hands of your family members a little longer starting today. Give the ones you love a bigger hug. Call family you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them you love them. Like Sleepy Joe said, “we’re headed into a cold and dark winter.”

Lastly, take up the armor of God, and stand firm in the truth and light. For we are not of this world, so don’t fear death when your name is called.

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God Bless.

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