BREAKING: Authorities Just Made Alarming Find Buried By Where Muslims Bought Cellphones



America’s Freedom Fighters recently reported that the FBI is investigating several instances of ‘foreign speaking’ Muslim men going to Walmart stores at all hours of the night and making bulk purchases of disposable cellphones.

Not only are these phones preferred by terrorists but they also can be used as detonating devices for BOMBS.

Explosive new developments have emerged that has authorities in Missouri on HIGH ALERT. 

Authorities have just reported that a deer hunter found a massive cache of explosives along a trail in the Mark Twain National Forest, just 30 minutes away from where the Muslim men purchased the cellphones. The man immediately left the location and alerted authorities.

Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department dispatched officers to the location where they found a huge cache of “extremely volatile” explosives, KY3 reports.

“When arriving at the scene, the responding deputy was able to verify that the items were explosives and secured the area.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit (EOD) from Fort Leonard Wood was dispatched to the scene, along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s EOD Unit and the Waynesville Rural Fire Department,” said Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long.

Police describe the explosives as something that could not be purchased for recreational use. Long says once authorities processed the crime scene, crews detonated the explosives on site because the material was too volatile to move.

We recently reported a rash of propane tank thefts in the same area which, when combined with the cellphone thefts and this huge explosives cache discovery, fits into the possible scenario of terrorists planning attacks in the area.

Liberals would likely call these incidents mere coincidences and accuse of us fear mongering and ‘Islamaphobia.’ I don’t care what anyone says- this looks a hell of a lot like TERRORISM ON AMERICAN SOIL IN THE WORKS!

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