BREAKING: Bernie Sanders To Run For PRESIDENT In 2020 While Under FBI Investigation


Pay no attention to that pesky FBI investigation!

Senator Bernie Sanders is believed to be contemplating another run for president in 2020.

Sanders created a movement of Millennial supporters that do not do math so well to support him in the 2016 Democratic primary when he ran against Hillary Clinton.

She subsequently cheated him out of the nomination and went on to lose the election to current and sitting president, Donald Trump.

When asked directly if he planned to run again, a Sanders supporter stated, “Yes, is the answer,” when asked directly about whether the avowed Socialist that believes money grows on trees was planning to run again.

“He thinks he’s earned the right to run again and he believes if he would have been the Democratic candidate he would have won against Trump.”

Sanders is now currently 75 years old and if he intends to make a bid for the presidency yet again he would be 77-78 years old by the time he would be inaugurated in January 2021.

Sanders recently traveled to Ohio where he gave the keynote address at an event sponsored by the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement with plans to improve next month to promote his new book entitled, “Bernie Sanders: Guide to Political Revolution.”  He has held campaign style rallies recently in both West Virginia and Kentucky whipping his communist followers into a frenzy over the proposed GOP health care bill. He also was front and center for a campaign style tour across GOP strongholds and red states with DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Larry Cohen, a senior adviser to Sanders in 2016, said it would be good news if he ran again.

“I can speak for the millions of people who supported him in saying we would love it if he runs again and we’re hopeful he’ll run again,” Cohen said.

Of course, then there is the active FBI investigation into his wife, Jane Sanders for her part in the bankrupting of Burlington College due to her over promising and under delivering pledged monies to fund a rapid expansion project. Bernie himself is also under investigation for using his status as Senator to place pressure on the financial entity  to agree to do the loan for the college on Jane’s behalf.


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