BREAKING: Biden Goes Off The DEEP END- Threatens ‘RIGHT WING AMERICANS’ With Civil War [Video]


The fraudulently elected President Joe O’Bama made a direct threat to over half of Americans who disagree with America becoming a Socialist country as well as are livid over the absolute incompetence of this administration and policies that are destroying our country.

I mean, look at what in the hell is going on with our open borders that allow diseased illegal aliens, drug smugglers, gang members, drugs, rapists and terrorists to walk right in and then WE have to pay for these scumbags.

Biden’s policies with China and Iran.

Hundreds of executive orders that have ruined America.

Energy independence? Forget all about that!

The list goes on and on and on.

Check this out:


If you listen close enough you can hear just how giddy the left is to go to war with their own countrymen with whom they disagree about politics.

What I don’t understand is exactly how the left expects a bunch of betas who don’t even know which bathroom to use are going to physically battle the entire race of alphas who are obsessed with their gun collections and is made up of special forces vets and the like.

Biden isn’t even hiding it any longer. Just listen to the crap this divisive, demented trash has the gall to say …

Christina Laila of The Gateway Pundit reported:

Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to promote his ‘Safer America Plan’ to ‘reduce gun crime.’

Biden delivered remarks at the Marts Center at Wilkes University after hiding out for several days.

At one point Joe Biden went off-script and threatened “right-wing Americans.”

“For those brave right-wing Americans… if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun,” said Biden.

“I’m not joking!” he added.

Imagine the headlines if Trump said this about BLM- all hell would break out! 


The DIVIDER-IN-CHIEF got ROASTED because he is a complete as*hole and failure.

This is a stupid comment that shows the constitutional and historical illiteracy of the dumbest president in living memory.

The president has been saying this for years but it’s less and less congruent with how even his own administration has played out. How many F-15s did the Taliban have when Biden decided to surrender Afghanistan to them?

Biden once again shamelessly lying about the number of police officer killed on January 6 (none) while continuing to ignore the four Trump supporters who died (were killed) that day. He is the last person on Earth to lecture about the “soul” of our nation. Every day, he goads Americans into war. What a sick demented evil man.

People who are confident in their legitimacy don’t feel the need to do this kind of thing.

Biden is directly threatening us.

He WILL be impeached.

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God Bless.

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