BREAKING: Clinton Has DIRECT Ties To Rebel Electors… This Is TREASON


Hillary Clinton’s never publicly endorsed the desperate and unprecedented attempt by Democrat electors to block Donald Trump from receiving votes from the Electoral College, but they nonetheless played a key role in organizing the “coup.”


Politico obtained a batch of correspondence revealing Clinton aides, including Jake Sullivan and Jennifer Palmieri, strategizing with one of the organizers who led the effort to sabotage Trump’s ascension to the White House.

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Clinton’s inner circle never outright worked to flip the Electoral College against Trump, but emails, text messages and call logs show they passive aggressively welcomed it, as they did the Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan recount.


“As news of Russia’s role in influencing the election emerged, an exhausted and shell-shocked Clinton team at times appeared torn between accepting the election results and continuing to publicly fight Trump’s ascension to the White House,” Politico reports.

Anti-Trump sore losers unprecedentedly planned to block Trump from the presidency was to galvanize Democratic and Republican electors who were uneasy about Trump to unite behind an Republican alternative, like Ohio Gov. John Kasich or 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney. If they could convince 37 of the 306 Republicans on the Electoral College to abandon the president-elect, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives would have had to resolve the election outcome in January.


A Democrat elector and Clinton ally told Politico that the Clinton campaign welcomed the attempt to delegitimize Trump

“They were too concerned about the appearance of ever being perceived as sore losers,” the elector said. “All 230 of us [Democratic electors] had no idea what was going on — what do they want from us, what are they thinking, what’s possible, what’s not possible?”

Sullivan and other Clinton aides first partook in conference call with Colorado elector Michael Baca, a member of a group working to intimidate Republican electors from voting for Trump, on Nov. 29. Baca subsequently apologized to Sullivan in an email for his urgent demeanor.

“Not at all!” Sullivan replied. “We all share a sense of urgency. Look forward to being in touch.”

Baca emailed Sullivan the following day advising the Clinton to refrain from publicly endorsing the effort to derail Trump, claiming it would send “mixed messages.”  He sent Clinton campaign chairman an email the same day, asking him to endorse the effort, but Podesta did not respond.

Aides were silent about trying to derail Trump, until the Department of Justices claimed Russia intervened in the presidential election to help Trump win on Dec. 12. Podesta then issued a statement advising Democrat electors to receive an intelligence briefing before their vote.

“Electors have a solemn responsibility under the Constitution and we support their efforts to have their questions addressed,” Podesta said in the statement.

Anti-Trump electors and organizers were convinced Podesta’s statement was a sign the Clinton campaign was condoning the movement to flip the Electoral College. However, Trump officially claimed the title of president-elect with his Electoral College victory on Monday.

The revolt miserably failed. Only two Republicans electors cast votes against Trump, while eight Democratic electors, including Baca, attempted spurn Hillary.



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