SICK: Dem. Congressman Arrives At FBI Press Briefing, Then Something STRANGE Happens


Alright, so we just had the worst terror attack since 9/11 happen on our soil, and here’s what I’ve seen so far. The FBI first came out and said it was terrorism, that the shooter had made terroristic threats in the past, and that they were investigating into whether or not it was international or domestic terrorism. That was the narrative all morning, and the FBI was 100 percent positive about it. Then Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) showed up to the scene just before the latest press conference, and guess what happened?

First, Grayson spoke to reporters, and he refused to say “Islamic terror.” Then he pivoted to the type of weapon used, which he stated was an AR-15 “assault rifle” and he put much emphasis on how quickly the shooter was able to squeeze off his rounds, saying, and I quote, “he was able to do it very quickly,” even though nobody asked him anything of the sort. After that, he called the attack a “hate crime,” or actually suggested that’s what it might have been. But what I found telling was that first, he was even there, and second, he was asked if the White house was aware of what’s happening, and he seemed to know exactly what was going on there. But when he was asked if he was in communication with them, he refused to answer and instead said he was doing something at the hospital regarding HIPPA laws, as if that’s even his department. Personally, I think he’s the liaison for the White House to be able to control the narrative of information, and what happened in the second part of the press conference is why.


The FBI and local police have both been saying “terror attack” from the get-go, and an earlier press conference revealed that the shooter’s religion and his family’s nationality were why they were calling it a terror attack. However, this time around they did a press conference with an imam from the Islamic Society of Central Florida, who also called the attack a “hate crime” and also used the words “mass shooting” while refusing to acknowledge it had anything to do with radical Islam. As he spoke, even the sheriff standing behind him was rolling his eyes because they imam was so full of sh-t and it was obvious. But that’s not even the craziest part.

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The FBI was again asked about the attack, and the representative walked back his statements about it being a terror attack. When pressed on it, he gave some B.S. excuse as to why he wouldn’t say it was terror this time around, and now said that it was “just an investigation,” and he also suggested this might be a “hate crime” and a “mass shooting.” But just an hour prior, he was proof positive it was a terror attack.


So what changed?

I’ll tell you; Alan Grayson showed up with marching orders from the White House spin machine, who wants to frame this as a hate crime or mass shooting done with evil assault weapons to score political points in the coming election and push for more gun control. I f-n guarantee it, folks. Grayson was acting shady as all hell, and then all of the sudden after he showed up, the narrative completely changed from one unfavorable to Obama and his weak leadership against radical Islam, to one that would be politically opportunistic for him and Hillary. Why would it change? What caused it to change? I’m telling you, the common denominator in this is Grayson, a moonbat Democrat from Florida who was sent there to control the information. Before he showed up, law enforcement was more than giving with their information. After he showed up, they didn’t want to say a thing.


To say I’m pissed right now is absolutely an understatement. This is total horseshit, and I can’t believe what I just watched go down. It looked like something straight out of a movie about Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, and it unfolded right on live television. You could see the frustration in the faces of law enforcement, both FBI and locals, as they had to change their tune about what happened. I thought it surprising this morning when the FBI first said terror, and I thought it was their way of rebuking Obama’s refusal to say anything is ever terror. After watching what happened after Grayson showed up, I’m convinced that’s what they were doing, because I know for a fact the FBI is full of good, honest people who actually want to prevent attacks from happening rather than play political games with people’s lives.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for our president, who would rather push political agendas than keep the country safe, and I swear that’s exactly what I just watched happen on live television. Maybe I’m crazy, but I know what this administration has been willing to do in the name of its agenda, and I wouldn’t put that past them at all. I know I’m not the only one who saw it either, as one of the reporters on the scene actually asked the FBI agent why his story changed after the imam showed up. Well, it wasn’t the imam who caused it, it was Grayson.

That was absolutely unbelievable.

God Bless and stay safe out there. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

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