BREAKING: Democrat Teachers Union President BUSTED Doing THIS On VIDEO- This Is Seriously INSANE [WATCH]


For a year now we have listened and watched as teachers unions have taken our children’s education access hostage. They have refused to do their jobs and go back to work citing unsafe work conditions, this is even after a years worth of data on Covid19 says transmission amongst kids to adults is relatively small.

They have cried about their pay and wanting hazard pay while our nurses and most frontline workers in grocery stores worked with out hazard pay. They have cried and carried on about how they should be a priority for the vaccine over our most vulnerable population of immunocompromised and elderly.


We caught today one of the most outspoken of these unions doing the absolute most hypocritical thing you could do!

Matt Meyer is the President of the insane teachers union “Berkeley Federation of Teachers” in one of the most looney tunes liberal city of Berkeley California. Now we all know California is never the standard of common sense and morality that we normally measure the rest of the country against, but hypocrisy of public officials MUST BE CALLED OUT!

Seen here in this Video recently uploaded to YouTube, this flaming hypocrite is caught on live camera dropping his kids off at a day care that by his own damn standards should be closed! So why is Meyers taking his own children to a day care if it is too unsafe in his own words!?


Meyer was asked about how he could justify keeping his cities kids locked up at home and socially isolated while taking his precious children to live a normal life. He responded with the most selfish and grotesque answer we have ever seen to date from a public official! In Meyers own words, he said “I have my two-year-old in preschool. Unfortunately, there are not public schools for kids her age,” Meyer told KQED on Sunday.

Meyer also claimed that preschools like the one his daughter attends are “completely different universe from an elementary school in terms of size, services provided, outside space, and public health guidelines. I don’t have elementary school-aged children.”


Meyer is just another official busted in the public spotlight for abusing their position of public trust and power in this covid19 pandemic. As we have stated over and over again throughout the past year, you will never gain your old life back unless you take the steps in your own area to regain power from these despots!



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God Bless.

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