BREAKING: DeSantis Authorizes Using DEADLY FORCE Against…


President Trump’s most serious challenger running for president is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Looking at the polling numbers at this point DeSantis is not even close to Trump, running from 20 to 50 percentage points behind the Donald which means he has a hell of a lot of work ahead of him.

DeSantis has a lot going for him but he’s basically a Trump light- kind of like Bud Light!?

The bottom line is that we get a Republican in the Oval Office and if it’s not Trump DeSantis would probably do a good job.

Better than O’Biden

DeSantis has done a great job in Florida and has tackled many of the issues that Conservatives care about.

He has taken action on illegal immigration, the sick indoctrination of our children, he backs law enforcement and has been fiscally responsible.

Like I said, he is basically “Trump Light.”

Of course, he really doesn’t have any experience dealing with world leaders and a variety of other things that a president has to deal with but he’s got the right mindset as far as I can tell.

I actually haven’t really taken a good look at his ties to the establishment donors or a lot of things as I am personally a Trump supporter.

Anyways, here’s a report from my friend Anthony Smith at GOP Newsfeed who appears to like DeSantis a tad more than myself:

For conservatives, one of the biggest issues is illegal immigration which is what DeSantis targeted to help give himself a boost in polling.

Big Announcement

To be honest, we have heard very little from any candidate in terms of an official platform since this election season has started, (with the exception of  Trump.)

Trump has put out some excellent policies, but the rest of the field has mostly been in attack mode.

Perhaps that is why most of the candidates are barely moving the needle in polls and why Trump has such a commanding lead.

DeSantis hopes to change that by introducing his immigration policy.

‘Stone-cold dead’

DeSantis stated, “We’re going to create adequate rules of engagement, if somebody were breaking into your house to do something bad you would respond with force.

“Yet why don’t we do that at the southern border?

“So if the cartels are cutting through the border wall trying to run product into this country, they’re going to end up STONE COLD DEAD as a result of that bad decision.”

DeSantis added, “If you drop a couple of these cartel operatives, they’ll stop coming.”

Sounds like a good start to me.

The open vow to use deadly force at the border will surely not sit well with Democrats, but that is hardly DeSantis’ concern.

His main concern at this point is chipping away at the massive lead that Trump currently holds in the primary.

To this point, DeSantis has done nothing but lose ground since announcing, so we will have to see if this gets him going back in the right direction or if Trump will continue to dominate this primary.

From FOX:

The Florida Republican was in Texas unveiling his border security agenda that he pledged will “stop the invasion” at the southern border.

“On Jan. 20, 2025, we will be on a mission to stop the invasion at our southern border to fight the drug cartels that are poisoning our citizenry, to build the border wall, and to reestablish the sovereignty of this nation,” DeSantis said.

“We are done with promises. We are done with slogans. Now is the time for action. No excuses. We will get the job done.”

The “slogans” dig was obviously aimed at Trump.

DeSantis stressed that it’s “humiliating as a country to not have control over our own territory.”

And he slammed President Biden, charging that “this border because of the neglect of the Biden administration, because of their intentional failures, this border is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels.

“That is a disgrace.

“That is horrific.”

He’s right of course.

Under Trump we had the most secure border in history.

So basically everything DeSantis is saying is what President Trump has done and said.

But I’m not one to encourage fighting within the party but then again, he’s got to come out swinging.

We will see.

All I know is that we absolutely HAVE to get Biden the hell out of the White House.

And we need to take back the Senate and hold onto the House.

If we don’t AMERICA IS DONE.



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