Cold blooded killer


In what is being described as a horrifying Easter slaughter, a man has shot and killed an elderly man and posted it live on Facebook. 

Cleveland police report that there is a massive manhunt underway for a thug named Steve Stephens who murdered 74-year-old Robert Goodwin Sr. at around 2 p.m. today.


“We know who he is, and he will eventually be caught,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson told a news conference late Sunday.

Video of the killing, captioned “Easter day slaughter,” was posted Sunday afternoon for about three hours before being taken down.

A spokesperson for the social media giant released a statement saying, “This is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of content on Facebook. We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook, and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety.”

Fox News reports that Stephens later posted another video of himself talking on the phone about at least 13 other murders he claimed to have committed.


“And I’m about to keep killing until they catch me,” Stephens said.

“I lost everything I ever had due to gambling,” he wrote on Facebook. “I do not go into details but I’m a (sic) my breaking point I’m really on some murder shit. … FB you have 4 minutes to tell me why I shouldn’t be on death row!!! I’m dead serious. #teamdeathrow.”

In one of the videos he says, “I’m 37 and all my f*cking life I’ve just always been a f*cking monster, man. Always had to prove myself, always had to take the butts of people’s jokes.”

“I’m killing motherf*ckrs, all because of this bitch. She’s putting me at my pushing point,” he says. “I was living over there with her, I woke up Friday and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I just left. Here I am, massacring motherf**kers. Today is the Easter Day (girlfriend’s name) massacre.”

Despite the suspect’s claims, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that Stephens has not been connected to any other murders apart from Sunday’s shooting in the Glenville neighborhood, east of downtown.

“We need Steve to turn himself in,” Police Chief Calvin Williams said at a press conference. “Right now there are two families out there hurting. Mr. Goodwin’s family and of course there are people out there who care about Steve and want to see this not go any further.

“We’ve brought everything to bear on this, from our federal partners, our state and local partners. And everybody is out there looking for Steve. We want this to end with as much peace as we can bring to this right now. What happened today is senseless,” Williams said.

FOX8 reported that Stephens is believed to be driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags. He is described as standing six feet, one inch tall and weighing 244 pounds. Police say Stephens should be considered armed and dangerous.

A spokeswoman for Beach Brook, a children’s mental health facility in Cleveland, confirmed that Stephens was a case worker there, but had no further details.

The FBI’s Cleveland field office said it was assisting Cleveland police in the investigation, as was the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Cleveland State University posted a message on its Twitter account urging people to shelter in place or stay away from the area.

Cleveland police announced a $50,000 reward was posted by Crimestoppers for information leading to the capture of Stephens. Police also issued a nationwide search for him and asked residents of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan to be on alert.

Police Chief Calvin Williams said officers searched dozens of locations for Stephens with no success, while the department was working with federal, state and other local agencies to find him.

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“As far as we know right now, we don’t know where he’s at,” Williams said. “The last location we had him at was the homicide.”

I watched the video and initially included it in this article but decided that it was way too violent and sickening to publish.

Trust me, this scumbag is ruthless killer and needs to be put down by firing squad.

Damn. Unbelievable. Freaking son of a bitch murderer.

Rest in peace Robert Goodwin Sr…

God Bless.

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