BREAKING: French Leader Announces BRUTAL Plans for ISIS And Obama Is FURIOUS


The entire civilized world has been in mourning ever since the Islamic terror attack in Paris that took the lives of over 130 people. The French and the Russians have bombed the hell out of these ISIS savages in retaliation. Now, one French politician has announced that he has a ‘medieval’ surprise for these radical Islamist terrorists.

In order to ramp up the fight against terrorism, the founder of France’s conservative party National Front (NF), Jean Marie Le Pen wants to reinstate the death penalty and execute convicted terrorists.

Sounds good to me- but it get’s better folks.

According to IJReview, Le Pen is urging France to reinstate the death penalty and commit convicted terrorists to the guillotine, French weekly news magazine Marianne reports.


“We must restore the death penalty for terrorists,” Le Pen said, before adding “with decapitation.”

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I love the idea! It’s impossible to make out with their 72 virgins if they don’t have a head!


The French people love the idea!

An eye for an eye, right? ISIS beheads innocent people routinely so it seems appropriate that they get their stinking heads cut off.

My good friend Sean Brown at Mad World News adds this:

I say we do the same here, although our Muslim-sympathizer-in-chief wouldn’t ever allow it. If you remember correctly, he ensured that Osama bin Laden was given the proper Islamic burial at sea after SEALs killed him in his Afghanistan compound. So apparently, he’s not on board with the denial of virgins for terrorists. But I digress.

France hasn’t had the death penalty since the early 80s, and their last execution was conducted in 1977 using a guillotine. But it appears as if desperate times call for desperate measures, and what’s currently happening in the nation undoubtedly justifies bold action be taken. For France’s sake, I hope they follow through with Le Pen’s idea and finally show terrorists they’re not messing around with them any longer.

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)

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