BREAKING: GOP Senator RUSHED To Hospital!


Reports have emerged that Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) was taken to a hospital in Montgomery, Alabama over the weekend after experiencing symptoms that based on evaluations conducted by medical professionals appear that Senator Britt’s symptoms were due to ‘swelling of her facial nerve resulting from a post-viral infection.’

A ‘post-viral infection’ from what?

COVID vax side effects perhaps?

Just sayin’!

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In a statement released Monday, Senator Britt said she experienced “sudden onset of numbness in my face” and was subsequently admitted to Baptist Medical Center South for evaluation.

The 41 year old is the youngest Republican woman elected to the Senate and the first female senator from Alabama.

Thankfully this condition is not life threatening but it could take several weeks for her to make a full recovery.

That is of course that this isn’t the result of one of many side effects resulting from the experimental COVID jab.

If it is then who knows what in the hell will happen.

Dr. Fauci?

Thanks but no thanks.

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She thanked all those who have offered their prayers during this time and expressed gratitude towards the medical staff for providing excellent care.

The medical staffs around the entire country have been put through hell thanks to the CHI-COMS.

Of course, the COVID nightmare which basically screwed everyone and the U.S. is far from being innocent in the development and financial backing of the deadly biological weapon.

Before being elected as Alabama’s senator in 2020, Katie Britt served as an aide under then Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL).

After Shelby decided not to seek re-election for his seat, she ran against Mo Brooks (R-AL) in the primary runoff and eventually won with former President Donald Trump’s endorsement late in the race after he disagreed with Brooks’ desire to move on from 2020 election results which were rigged.

Her opponent Will Boyd (D) ultimately lost during general elections last year making Katie Britt one of two women representing Alabama in Congress at present.

While Senator Katie Britt recovers from her post viral infection, many are sending prayers showing support and wishing her speedy recovery.


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