BREAKING: Hillary Just Got WORST POSSIBLE NEWS About Her Emails, Look What Russia Just Did

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Hillary Clinton’s email scandal isn’t going away anytime soon, despite what her staunch supporters would like us to believe, and even Hillary herself has tried to convince us that she didn’t do anything wrong. However, a new report out tells a much different story, and it’s the worst possible news she could have received about the incident.

Apparently, our Cold War enemies turned allies in Russia started monitoring notorious hacker Guccifer’s online activities back in 2011 after his unsuccessful attempt to hack the computer system of the government-funded Russia Today network. As a result of the monitoring, the Kremlin was able to record his actions, which allowed Russian analysts to not only detect when he broke into Hillary’s email server, but break into his computer and copy all of its contents, the Gateway Pundit reported.

What does that mean? Well, apparently the Kremlin is now debating on whether or not it’s going to release some 20,000 emails it has of Hillary’s. Yes, you read that right. The Russians have more emails than Hillary was originally willing to release to the American public, which means they undoubtedly have highly sensitive information since it’s since been determined that she did in fact send classified information.

Back in 2013, the Kremlin released a limited amount of the emails to RT-TV, who published a story titles “Hillary Clinton’s ‘hacked’ Benghazi emails: FULL RELEASE.”

As Joe Hoft from the Pundit noted, at the time, Western media was silent about the Russian’s breech of Hillary’s emails back in 2013. Now recent reports have confirmed that Guccifer did in fact hack her server, which also confirms the story from the Kremlin about the 20,000 or so emails.

On Monday, Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the issue with Megyn Kelly.

Isn’t that something? Edward Snowden released confidential information, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as this, yet he had to take refuge in another nation. Then there’s General Patraeus, who shared sensitive information with his mistress and got into deep trouble. So why is Hillary able to escape this one for so long?

To put this entire fiasco into perspective, here’s a video from Maj. Ed Cohet, a U.S. Army intelligence officer:

Unbelievable. And to think, she’s actually running for president and people will actually vote for her.

No wonder we’re so screwed.

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