BREAKING: Ilhan Omar BUSTED BIG TIME By The LAST Person She EVER Thought Possible And It’s Going MEGA VIRAL


Squad scum Ilhan Omar became the first female Muslim elected to the House of Representatives alongside scumbag Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) back in 2019.

That was a MASSIVE mistake.

I’m still baffled by the decision of Americans to elect these America hating dirtbags to represent them.

There is an explanation- these voters are freaking BRAIN DEAD.

I mean look at BIDEN for God’s sake!

Only a complete low IQ pile of crap would vote for that corrupt, demented and incompetent idiot.

He has destroyed America.

Back to the SQUAD SCUM OMAR.

The 41-year-old congresswoman has long been a vocal critic of Israel’s settlement policies and a defender of the Palestinians.

After the HAMAS TERRORISTS attacked Israel, butchering, raping and killing Israeli men, women and babies Omar called on the U.S. to cut off funding and military aid and equipment to Israel.

Omar’s hatred of Jews is no secret.

Isn’t she beautiful?




From Anthony Smith at GOP Newsfeed:

Even after Israel was attacked by Hamas, she is still trying to find ways to call out Israel.

Her latest, however, was an epic failure, and now she is getting torched for it.


Omar jumped all over a post on X by Sulaiman Ahmed, an investigative journalist and apparent Palestinian sympathizer.

Ahmed posted a picture of a bunch of dead children, blaming their deaths on Israel.

When Omar saw the post, she reposted it, but there was one major problem…

The picture was from a 2013 sarin gas attack in Ghouta, Syria, and not from Palestine.

Omar retweeted on “X” a photo of dead children with the caption “CHILD GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE.”

The photo showed seven dead children wrapped in white and claimed they were part of the “614 Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli [IDF] forces.”


Ironically, fellow ‘Squad’ member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., warned about the “incredibly high” amount of misinformation on social media about the ongoing war and urged her followers to “pause” and “check” for verification.

“If you see a claim, photo, or video that triggers a strong emotional reaction, take a moment to pause and check for veracity/confirmation from multiple sources,” she wrote on “X.”

LMAO! You can’t make this up!

Check it out!

Talk about FAKE NEWS!

AOC unintentionally called out her BFF scumbag!


Fox News contributor Guy Benson immediately called her out.

Benson stated, “She was claiming through that retweet that Israel had killed these children.

“And of course, the photo was from a decade ago in a different country. It was a lie.

“But her impulse, her instinct was to try to blame the Israelis for the death of children.

“Here’s the sad part. Palestinian children have been killed already.

“More Palestinian children will be killed in the days to come.

“Cutting through the fog of war, it is important when we get those reports, verified or otherwise when that happens, is that Israel goes out of its way to avoid that, whereas Hamas goes out of its way to kill innocent people.”

It would not have been hard at all for Omar to verify that story with the assets she has at her disposal, but she chose to rush to judgment and spread misinformation for one simple fact… she hates Israel.

And she hates AMERICA!

What a pile of garbage.

Source: Fox News



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