BREAKING: IRAN Just LAUNCHED Ballistic Missile


Barack Hussein Obama cut a garbage deal with the Islamic country of Iran where he gave them hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars as long as they promised to stop their nuke program to develop weapons of devastating destruction. THEY PROMISED LURCH THEY WOULD COMPLY- now give us the money you stupid fools! 

Obama did.


We know that IRAN has screwed us and have violated Obama’s lame treaty over and over.

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Again, this ‘deal’ was a horrific negotiation with a TERRORIST MUSLIM NATION that hates America and HATES ISRAEL!


But Obama loves them because he IS A STINKING, FILTHY JIHADIST.

Case in point.


Iran just shot off a mid-range ballistic missile into a Star of David.

Yes folks, the Jewish symbol was the purposeful target.

But that probably doesn’t mean anything — right?

Cheryl K. Chumley at The Washington Times has this:

It’s probably not that Iran, when it fired its “Qiam” in December — while Obama was still in office, no less — was trying to send a message of hate to Israel. It’s probably not that Tehran was trying to plant a seed of its intent to wipe out the Jewish nation.

That’s right-wing conspiracy talk, right there. Right?

And yet — Israel never did quite believe the Iranians had turned a corner on terrorism and become the world’s ally and Obama’s bestie. just because they signed a treaty deal. In fact, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu warned time and again that Iran would use this treaty as a wedge to gain nuclear development, and nuclear weapons’ capability, within the next decade or so.

Neither did conservatives on Capitol Hill — and even some Democrats, by the way.

But Team Obama scoffed — called such rhetoric inflammatory, all stuff and nonsense.

Yet here we are.

Iran’s been busy of late blasting away at the one symbol that probably identifies the Jewish state more than any other — the Star of David.

“This use of the Star of David as target practice is hateful and unacceptable,” Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, said to the Security Council just this week, the Times of Israelreported.

Why yes, yes it is. It’s also a violation of U.N. directives. And, as Danon went on, “clear evidence of Iran’s continued intention to harm the state of Israel.”

What else to add?

Iran ought not to have been trusted with a nuclear treaty. America ought not to have believed Obama when he pointed to the new and improved version of Iran as proof of his diplomatic prowess. And Iran ought not be trusted going forward. This symbolic firing is an exclamation point to the sentence: Iran is not a friend.


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