BREAKING: Julian Assange Drops Russian NUKE On Hillary


It’s evident by now that people aren’t going to get fair reporting from the American media, which has become an absolute joke since President Trump was elected, but thankfully we have people like Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Assange, who’s made a name for himself by being the biggest headache politicians can have, recently dropped a Russian nuke on two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Assange, who had no “dog in the fight” during the election, was interviewed a few days ago, and he said he investigated both Hillary and President Trump, and only one of the two had deep ties to Russia.

Guess who it was?

Speaking of Assange, he’s gone on record stating that the Russians weren’t his source for the emails from the DNC and John Podesta, Hillary’s former campaign chair.

Additionally, he’s personally suggested Seth Rich supplied him with the stolen documents, and Wikileaks tweeted a link to a video in which legendary journalist Seymour Hersh claimed to have personally reviewed an FBI document proving that Rich had been in contact with their organization and provided them with emails from the DNC.

So while the media would love us to believe the Great Russian Ruse, the truth is likely that Rich was the source of the emails, and the only person with ties to the Russians is Hillary. After all, with just about everything the MSM reports, the opposite turns out to be true.

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