BREAKING: Khizr Khan’s REAL Past Exposed, And It’s MUCH WORSE Than We Could Imagine!


Unless you live under a rock without Internet access, you’ve heard of Khizr Khan, the Muslim-American who went on a vicious attack against Donald Trump. However, what you probably haven’t heard about is his terrifying past that ties him to the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, and activism for the implementation of Sharia law worldwide.

Yeah, that’s the guy the Democrats brought on stage last week to attack Trump, and they exploited the fact that Khan’s son died in Iraq 12 years ago to justify it. His resume looks more like that of Osama Bin Laden’s than it does a patriotic American fighting for our rights, so it really isn’t surprising that the DNC had him on stage to speak at their convention, considering the entire theme seemed to be anti-everything America stands for.


So where to begin…

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First off, Khan graduated from Punjab University Law College with a degree in International Trade Law, which he practiced in Saudi Arabia, according to the New York Times. Khan was an interest lawyer for Islamic oil companies and wrote a paper titled In Defense of OPEC, which defended the organization comprised of mostly Islamic nations.


But that’s just the start.

Upon moving to America from the United Arab Emirates, Khan began actively promoting Islamic Sharia Law in our nation, and was the co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law, which is the loose wording for Sharia Law. Apparently, while in Saudi Arabia, Khan became obsessed with Sharia Law and during the eighties he wrote a paper titled Juristic Classification of Islamic Law, in which he professed his deep respect for the oppressive religious law.


Here’s more on the subject from Walid Shoebat:

What is even more worrisome is that at the bottom of the page, Khan shows his appreciation for the icon of the Muslim Brotherhood: “The contribution to this article of S. Ramadan’s writing is greatly acknowledged.” S. Ramadan is Said Ramadan, head of the Islamic Center in Geneva and a major icon of the Muslim Brotherhood, the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. While we did not read Khan’s book (they charge for it and we do not want to support his evil agenda) it becomes crucial to mention more on Khan’s icon and who Said Ramadan was.

Ramadan was a writer who wrote material for the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia, an organization that has been promoting Islamic revivalism and indoctrination to recruit young people in Malaysia to jihadism. It is actually a Malaysian branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Khan’s fascination for the Muslim Brotherhood icon stems from Ramadan’s book Islamic Law: Its Scope and Equity, which Khan gleaned from to do his work. A version of it was published for the Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (a branch of WAMY).

For those unaware, WAMY is the World Association of Muslim Youth, an organization created by the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabist Muslims, led by Said Ramadan, who was the son-in-law of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder. If you remember, Hillary Clinton advisor Huma Abedin has very close familial ties with WAMY, and her family’s “charity” has an office in the organization’s main building. The group was also funded by the wealthy Abdullah Omar Naseef, an Abedin family boss and al-Qaeda financier.

Are you terrified yet? You should be. But it actually gets worse, if you can imagine.

Khan also used to work for the firm Hogan & Hartson and Lovells, which has deep ties to the Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia, Hillary Clinton’s favorite Middle Eastern buddies.

Check it out, via the Free Beacon:

“Hogan Lovells LLP, another U.S. firm hired by the Saudis, is registered to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia through 2016, disclosures show. Robert Kyle, a lobbyist from the firm, has bundled $50,850 for Clinton’s campaign”

Many lawyers at Hogan Lovells remember the week in 2004 when U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan lost his life to a suicide bomber. Then-Hogan & Hartson attorneys mourned the death because the soldier’s father, Khizr Khan, a Muslim American immigrant, was among their beloved colleagues”

Perhaps why Khan is so upset over Trump’s proposed immigration halt is because he runs his own law firm now called KM Khan Office. He specializes in “immigration services” to bring Muslims into America, which clashes with Trump’s plans, and after living in the Muslim Brotherhood hotbed that’s the UAE, he’s likely not bringing in the best actors from overseas, and they would be prevented from entering.

Why is all of this important?

As Shoebat noted, Khan, along with Abedin and others, are likely plants within the Clinton campaign in the interests of Muslim immigration into the U.S. Why? Well that’s easy – the second Muslim Conquests.

Again from Shoebat:

“Commitment to the Quranic concept of Geography: The land belongs to Allah, his religion is Islam, and every country is already in the House of Islam—now in the present time—since they will be in the House of Islam by force in the near future. The whole of humanity is a Muslim Nation: it is either ‘the religion of the nation’ which has embraced this religion [Islam], or a ‘proselyte nation’ we are obliged to conquer.” (Alwani, The Jurisprudence of Muslim Minority Affairs. No. 7, translated from Arabic by

Take from this what you will, but there’s definitely a reason that Hillary is surrounded by so many people connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and coincidentally happens to be opposed to any sort of restrictions on immigration from Muslims. It’s not rocket science to figure out, all you have to do is look at the evidence and you can see there’s something much larger at play here.

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