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Day by day it seems the divisions in America only get more pronounced with Communist and Progressive factions driving the wedge in to widen the divide even further between factions.  

Never was that open hostility ever more on display that when the Democrats launched into a spontaneous and childish chorus of  “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” on the House floor after the passage of the American Health Care Act last month. It marked all new lows for open hostilities shown on the House floor.


That incident among others are marking all new lows for open hostilities shown on the House floor. From news contributors losing their minds when political conversations don’t go their way on air to street fights with Antifa to the erasing of our history by removing monuments deemed “inappropriate” by certain groups – all of these things are signaling political sickness in America that needs help.

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It used to be that a duel could be used to settle difference both personal and political.  Such was the case in 1804 when Vice President Aaron Burr and former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton settled their bitter political feud with a pistol duel that took Hamilton’s life.  However, rather than someone dying over political differences Article Five of the Constitution does offer a simpler and more civilized resolution to the issue – A Convention of the States.


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The option has not been exercised since the Constitution was signed but the process has been popularized and developed a following due to radio talk show host and author, Mark Levin. Levin states of the process –

“It is the only process that is available to address what Washington is doing. Washington is not going to fix itself.”

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Levin dissects the remedy of a Convention of the States in his book, The Liberty Amendments. As a result of his some 9 million listeners fan base, the Convention of the States Project has developed a grassroots movement claiming some 2.8 million volunteers with expectations to grow to 10 million by the end of the year. The plan is to have a district director in every congressional district.

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Currently, 12 state legislatures fully support a convention of the states, with Missouri being the most recent to add its name to the list. There is still much work to be done as that number is still far short from the 34 states the Constitution requires before a convention can be called.  The hope is that as the grassroots movement gains momentum so too will state legislatures take notice and join the cause.

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