BREAKING: Liberal Elites Planning MASSIVE Boycott… Here’s What It’s For


Actress and left-wing activist Alyssa Milano is calling on her three million Twitter followers to boycott Amazon, Apple, and FedEx for one day, in hopes it will pressure the mega-corporations to break ties with the National Rifle Association, Breitbart reports.

“THURSDAY! We are calling for a one-day boycott of @amazon @appletv @fedex. Pass it on. Don’t shop. Don’t stream. Don’t ship. As consumers we are demanding these companies sever ties with the @NRA. #march1NRABoycott #BoycottNRA #Enough,”

Just because Milano has become insignificant in Hollywood as well as her “fans” that does not mean she is not a threat to the 2nd Amendment and YOUR Freedoms.


Normally I would not even bother researching and finding the truths about the Hollywood insane, but when our rights and freedoms are under attack, then we must fight back with the TRUTH as well as help organize peaceful protests that are PRO 2nd Amendment.

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Milano went after Amazon and babbled the following:


“Do you want to be known as a Pro-NRA company!? Because If you don’t cancel NRA TV, that’s exactly what you run the risk of becoming.” ~ Alyssa Milano

It escapes Milano and her fellow democrats that to demand people to cancel the NRA, NRA TV and freedoms of the American people, is not only censorship but violates our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Amazon has remained silent so far, even with the rampant demands on social media to ban the NRA.

It would be easy to toss aside Milano and other Hollywood Narcissistic “celebrities”, however, we can no longer take a blind eye to their stupidity.  Because change is happening, these anti-gun psychos are actually getting companies and politicians to cave to their demands.

This is not about Milano scrambling to get back in the spotlight, this is about another uneducated and Marxist group that is placing demands against your rights.

Per Breitbart, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced their decision to stop selling all “assault-style” weapons in their stores and banning sales to anyone under 21. Now Walmart has followed and is changing their policies as well:

We implore our elected officials to enact common sense gun reform and pass the following regulations:

  • Ban assault-style firearms
  • Raise the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21
  • Ban high capacity magazines and bump stocks
  • Require universal background checks that include relevant mental health information and previous interactions with the law
  • Ensure a complete universal database of those banned from buying firearms
  • Close the private sale and gun show loophole that waives the necessity of background checks

It is not just up to the NRA to defend your freedoms against those who desire to abolish your rights as well as make you a criminal for owning a firearm.  It is up to every gun loving, freedom loving and every single person who desires to live their lives free and pursue their happiness as they see fit.

I encourage every single person out there to not just read my articles as well as my core beliefs in the Bill of Rights, but to share these ideals and beliefs as well.  We must unite and form a collective voice that stands against these antigun and anti-freedom groups and politicians.

We must do not only what is right but what is out duty to do so, the future of the America we know and love is on fire and burning at an alarming rate and it is only “We The People” that can put these fires out and stand for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Blunt Truth, the Texas church shooter that took innocent lives, had his bloody rampage stopped by a NRA Instructor with a firearm.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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