BREAKING: Look Who Is Going To Open Criminal Investigation Into FAUCI THE FRAUD!

Fauci has been the punching bag that the democrats have thrown under the bus over the horrific handling of the Wuhan biological weapon that China released onto the world.

Anyone who thinks Fauci was able to lie and deceive the nation and politicians all by himself, needs to step back and take a breath, then re-think the situation.  Fauci is guilty of a great many things, one of them is being bought off by China and the current Puppet playing President.

Appearing Friday on The Todd Starnes Show, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) hinted that Republicans could launch a review of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of the coronavirus, including a possible criminal investigation, Breitbart reports.

The current Obama regime has already stated that they have no intention of firing Fauci so it is safe to assume that they will not, up to this point, allow any actual charges against Fauci.  However, one can speculate that should the heat be turned up any further, the democrats will happily feed Fauci up to the people and will quickly turn on him to protect their own asses.

“We The People” need to not just demand those who are guilty be held responsible but those who knew the truth and remained silent must be held accountable as well.   Yes China is the head of this particular snake but not the only snake in the pit!

Breitbart continued:

A transcript is as follows:

TODD STARNES:You were one of the guys who helped launch the viral hashtag #FireFauci. Congressman, these emails that are coming out, what do you make of these? We talking about criminal behavior here?

REP. CHIP ROY: As a former federal prosecutor, I like to dive into this stuff with that mindset before I make an allegation of criminal activity, but here’s what I would say: We know that this arrogant son of a you-know-what has been destroying this country for the better part of 14 months, and the media and social media giants that are putting a two-year ban on [Trump], they are now having to back away from all their limitations and restrictions when any of us said, “Hey, hold on, this virus very likely came out of a lab in Wuhan, how did it come out of there?”

This has been the best example you could have of what happens when you fund federal bureaucrats to go in and make decisions on our behalf, and step in with the power that they have. Think about the power of Anthony Fauci and what he’s done. 100,000 businesses closed, destroyed lives, children wearing masks, mental stuff up, people who couldn’t get cancer screenings. We have literally wrecked the greatest economy in the history of the world because Anthony Fauci wanted to be on the cover of magazines and be in at the cocktail scene circuit in D.C. We’ll go follow the truth wherever it may lead and if that’s criminal investigations, so be it.

One can only hope that just because the focus is currently on Fauci, that it will not end with Fauci.  The whole damn Biden regime needs to be investigated and held accountable for everything they have done, not just COVID, EVERYTHING.

If these politicians truly want to destroy the communism that is devastating our nation currently, then they will have to drain the deep state swamp and have one helluva a criminal round-up!

If just the thought of that brings a smile to your face, then start to think how to make it happen, because our nation needs saved…


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