BREAKING: Man Pledges Allegiance To ISIS After Storming Fitness Club And Doing THIS…


In an incident that is sadly becoming more and more common, the police were called to Prairie Life Fitness in Franklin, TN on June 17, 2016.  The reason?  A man appearing to be of Middle Eastern heritage made threatening remarks and assaulted a female patron of the fitness center. 

He became irate for reasons unknown, shouting at her that he was “from the Middle East and an ISIS Muslim”.  He then stepped up to the victim, raised his right hand in a formation resembling a pistol and made two gunshot sounds while looking directly at the victim.


The man is known as Johnny Roscoe, age 34 from nearby Fairview, Tennessee.  Williamson County police were subsequently called to the scene and an in-depth interview was conducted.  He was then sent to Middle Tennessee Health for a mental health evaluation and later release that same day.  Meanwhile, local authorities working in conjunction with the FBI swore out a warrant and Mr. Roscoe was subsequently arrested and charged as of yesterday.  He is now being held in the Williamson County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

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These situations and altercations seem to be becoming all too frequent in the Middle Tennessee area mostly resulting in the drastic demographic changed resulting from the US Federal Government’s massive refugee relocation programs.  Middle Tennessee is an area that has been hit especially hard by this.

Franklin is a wealthy suburb to the south of Nashville.  At this time and as a result of all the refugees relocated here there are more than 90 languages spoken in the greater Nashville area.  There are more Kurdish located here than anywhere in the world outside of Kurdistan.  Kurdish citizens vote by proxy in Kurdish elections while residing in the United States.


Somalis have taken over the small Southern town of Shelbyville, TN located in Bedford County which is just a short drive away.  They continue to have issues with refugees that are supported on government programs funded by the American taxpayer. Yet the refugees refuse to assimilate blatantly defy woman in positions of authority such as teachers in classrooms, management, law enforcement, etc.

Simply driving through Nashville down Nolensville Road or through the Creive Hall area and one would think you were in Pakistan or Bagdad. There are Halal markets everywhere.  A simple trip to the pool at the local YMCA will often show a woman dressed from head to toe in a Muslim bathing costume with nothing but her face showing.

I have personally had such an incident.  Now I’m a female of just under 5’4 stature and not huge by any stretch.  I went into a local jewelry store with Middle Eastern writing on the sign.  Now here, understand there is a significant population of Egyptian Coptic Christians so Middle Eastern writing does not always equate to Muslim and this was an area of town I was familiar with. I was wearing jeans tucked into knee-high boots, and a cowl-necked sweater and of course, I was carrying….I always am.

I’m very glad I was that day if nothing but for my own peace of mind.  I walked into the store and 2 men of obvious Middle Eastern descent and speaking Arabic were speaking to each other.  They looked me up and down and looked through me as though I were invisible. They refused ME service and essentially told me I was not welcome in their store.  The whole exchange took less than 2 minutes.

I kept thinking, “WAIT! I live here! I was born here! My grandparents came here LEGALLY! Yet I’m treated as the foreign intruder in this part of the city?” What’s wrong with this picture?

Tennessee is one of 26 states to join a lawsuit against the Federal government for this refugee relocation program into the various states against the will of people and straining their resources.

Now is the time that if you don’t know how to use a firearm? It is imperative for your own safety that you learn. Practice using it and learn situational awareness – especially as a female!  We ARE NOT here to be the next casualties and victims to this cult of death and destruction!


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