soros and mccain

By Anthony Martin Via:  examiner

In a meeting that created headlines all over the world, U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., had a private summit with atheist collectivist billionaire George Soros, whom TV and radio personality Glenn Beck once dubbed as “Spooky Dude.”


Soros is widely known for funding hundreds of leftist, collectivist political action organizations, including the infamous Center for American Progress, which he created specifically as a think-tank for Hillary Clinton. He has also advised Barack Obama to ignore Constitutional limits on his power in order to “rule by executive order.”

The McCain-Soros meeting took place in Switzerland Saturday at the World Economic Summit attended by some 40 world leaders to discuss how to reinvigorate the global economy.

The burning question that arises from the McCain-Soros summit is what on earth is McCain doing meeting with a man who has openly condemned the Tea Party and those who support Constitutional limits on government, and encouraged the United States to adopt “global governance” under the auspices of the United Nations?

The answer to that question should not be far to find.


McCain is a globalist, a RINO, an elitist along with the rest of the elitist D.C. establishment consisting of the likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel and his brother Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Jon Holdren, John Podesta, Eric Holder, Cass Sunstein, Valerie Jarrett, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kelly Ayotte, Chris Christie, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and a host of others.

Republicans in the mold of John McCain espouse views that are not that much different from Hillary, Gore, Kerry, and Podesta. It is no wonder, then, that he would meet with one of the world’s richest financiers of globalism and elitist rule that is more closely akin to Marxism and Fascism than a free, self-governed society.

Soros and his minions want to disarm American citizens. They want to obliterate private property rights. They want presidents to have the power to ignore the rule of law and bypass Congress and the Courts in order to dictate law by executive order. They want to squelch the free speech of Constitutional patriots and religious leaders, particularly those who stand for the Christian virtue of liberty and the sovereignty of Israel. They want all banks under the control of the World Bank of the United Nations so they can be easily manipulated by billionaires such as Soros, who decide at will who will win and who will lose, including causing entire economies to implode.

The danger of the liaisons between American politicians and people like Soros is clear. All who get their hands dirty by shaking hands with the Devil are forever tainted by an evil every bit as lethal as the German Third Reich, the Lenin-Stalin dominance of the Soviet Union, and Chairman Mao’s murderous, horrific reign over China after the Communist revolution.

But this is the Republican Party of today. The Party leadership is a like a pit of vipers…not as lethal as the Democrats, but still lethal. After all, down in the viper pit, 500 snakes is deadly indeed. A viper pit of only 100 snakes may not be quite as dangerous, but still dangerous enough to kill you.

Democrats are lethal to liberty. Every single one of them. But the Republicans, while not quite as lethal, are still lethal in that the conservatives are in a minority. The poison that has been injected into the entirety of the Democratic Party has also been injected into the Republican Party leadership. Were it not for a group of conservatives in the House, the Republicans would be just as bad.

This is where we are in America today with the two major Parties. The remedy for conservatives? Don’t join or send money to the RNC. Send money directly to conservative candidates, bypassing the pit of vipers altogether.


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