BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi ADMITS On C-SPAN, OBAMA Is Running Our Government, Listen To It For Yourself HERE!


Most of us believe that Biden is not running the White House and many of us believe that in fact Barack Hussein Obama’s DEEP STATE is pulling the strings and calling the shots for Biden.

And as you will see, Nancy Pelosi may have just accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

Check this out from Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up:

In her efforts to push self-avowed Socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion green energy bill one step closer to law, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have just revealed to the media who is really behind the Socialist Democrats’ dream legislation.

During her press conference today, Speaker Pelosi, who is rumored to be retiring, appears to have let the cat out of the bag when she had this to say about the $3.5 trillion atrocity proposed and supported by Democrats:

“Keep government open.

We intently have to do those imminently. More imminently to address the full Obama agenda of ‘Building back better.’”

And I love to say, ‘Building back better.’”



NYP reports on the bill – Every detail about this onerous legislation merits scorn, revulsion and rejection.

The Build Back Better budget resolution boasts a $3.5 trillion price tag. Taxpayers should be so lucky.

This figure assumes that several key initiatives, including the child tax credit, will expire in three to five years. Since government programs are virtually immortal, this is not wishful thinking. It’s pure fantasy.

Reasonably assuming that these programs grind on for 10 years swells the budget’s true price to $5.5 trillion. Add the Senate’s $1 trillion “infrastructure” bill, which most House Democrats hope to append, and Bernie’s budget hits $6.5 trillion.

Next, blend in $400 billion for interest payments on the exploding national debt. This pushes the “$3.5 trillion” package’s real cost to $6.9 trillion — nearly double its advertised price!

“Bernie’s Budget is all about inserting the federal government into the daily lives of all Americans and spending as much money as possible while doing so,” warned House Budget Committee ranking Republican Jason Smith of Missouri.

Beyond spending and taxes, the Bernie budget would bludgeon the Land of the Free into a socialist “workers’ paradise.” Among its far-left social-engineering schemes:

An annual methane emissions tax would cost dairy farmers an extra $6,504 per cow.

Tax credits for university “environmental-justice programs.” Cost: $1 billion.

A $1,500 tax credit on electric bicycles that cost up to $8,000: $7.4 billion.

A $1,200 tax credit for green doors, windows and skylights: $15 billion.

Individuals with incomes up to $200,000 could collect $82,000 in federal housing down-payment subsidies.

Free college! Cost: $50 billion.

“The Democrat bill shovels $3.5 billion of your money so DC bureaucrats can create something called the ‘Civilian Climate Corps’ — a make-work program for young climate activists,” Americans for Tax Reform founder Grover Norquist marveled. “Perhaps they’ll knock on your door with a clipboard and tell you to put on a sweater instead of heating your home adequately.”

These taxpayer-funded eco-busybodies also would be unionized. And, of course, their union dutifully would kick back a chunk of their members’ mandatory dues into the Democratic Party’s campaign coffers.

“In the face of mounting inflation and economic instability, a rational Congress would enact pro-growth tax and spending reforms that pave the way to a smoother recovery,” Andrew Moylan, the National Taxpayers Union’s executive director, advises.

He adds, “Instead, current leaders are marching full speed ahead with the most sweeping expansion in the size and scope of government in decades. It’s like throwing a drowning child an anvil instead of a life preserver.”



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