BREAKING: National Anthem Has Officially Been Changed To Accommodate TRANS-GENDERS!


Coming soon to America folks! Canadian liberals have changed the National Anthem to accommodate TRANSGENDERS! This is absolutely ridiculous but that’s EXACTLY what the are doing! 

The Trudeau Liberals have quietly decided to change our national anthem,  Candice Malcolm at Toronto Sun reports.

They don’t want to debate the issue, they don’t care what Canadians think about the matter, they just want to rewrite our Canadian heritage to suit today’s politically correct environment.

The Trudeau government will change the English lyrics of O Canada from “in all thy sons command,” to the clumsy and awkward sounding “in all of us command.”

This revision to our 102-year-old anthem will supposedly make it “gender neutral.” But when asked, Canadians overwhelmingly oppose the changes.

A 2012 survey found that 78% of Canadians believed our national anthem, as it is currently written, is a great source of national pride. A 2013 survey found that only one in four Canadians support making changes.

Forget public opinion. With a majority in the House of Commons, and committees stacked with Liberal MPs, the Trudeau government has decided it will simply ram through the change without consulting Canadians.

But if we start tinkering with our anthem now, what else will politicians decide has fallen out of fashion? Will we remove references to God, as Switzerland recently did?

Perhaps it will become unfashionable to ask citizens to “stand on guard” or to say “our home and native land,” as Toronto City Council once declared.

There is no stopping where this politically correct obsession will take us.

While stable Western democracies such as Australia, the US and Great Britain have avoided making surgical changes to their national anthems, Canada will join the ranks of Russia, Iraq and Germany as countries who tinker with national symbols and change their anthem to fit the impulses of the ruling elite.

As Conservative MP Peter Van Loan rightly noted, “Canadians are being shut out. Their national anthem is being changed. They have been singing it for decades, it belongs to them. We are telling Canadians, ‘guess what, you don’t have a say in your national anthem.’”

This just goes to show you that liberalism is spreading like a plague all over the civilized world. I like this Canadian journalist. She’s standing up among what amount to a cesspool of liberalism.

Candice Malcolm, you are a wonderful woman and quite beautiful. We need women like you to expose the sicknesses of Liberalism. God bless you and God bless Canada.

More importantly-GOD BLESS AMERICA! 

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God Bless.

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