BREAKING UPDATE: New Court Documents “Prove” Obama, Clinton And RICE Lied About BENGHAZI… Never Forget And This Is BIG



Court documents filed by the U.S. Justice Department in the criminal case against Benghazi attack suspect Ahmed Abu Khatallah provide unprecedented details about the evolution of the assault and further shatter the Obama administration’s initial claim that it sprouted from protests over an anti-Islam film. 

The narrative that the video played a role continues to live on, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying recently that some of the attackers may indeed have been influenced by the online video.


But the Justice Department’s court filings make clear that at least those spearheading the attack were part of a “conspiracy,” one that involved several members of the Ansar al-Sharia “Islamic extremist militia.”

A government motion filed Tuesday seeking Khatallah’s detention provides some of the greatest detail to date on the suspect’s alleged role.

The motion says that in the days preceding the attack, the defendant “voiced concern and opposition to the presence of an American facility in Benghazi.” According to the motion, a group of 20 or more “armed men,” including militia members, assembled outside the U.S. compound at 9:45 p.m. the night of Sept. 11, 2012, and “aggressively breached” the gate.

They carried rifles, handguns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.


After breaching the gate, they stole a U.S. vehicle, “forcibly entered” buildings and stole U.S. property.

“During this initial attack, buildings within the Mission were set on fire,” the court document says, noting that the fires “ultimately led to the deaths” of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Information Management Officer Sean Smith.

U.S. personnel who were able to escape fled to the nearby annex, according to the document, and shortly afterward Khatallah entered the compound “and supervised the exploitation of material from the scene.” After they were through, he and other Ansar al-Sharia members allegedly returned to a local camp and prepared for the next assault on the annex — where two other Americans, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, would later die.

The government motion went on to describe how Khatallah spent the days following the attack obtaining weapons and other equipment to defend himself “from feared American retaliation” and capture. According to the document, “he increased his personal security.”

The documents are part of the case the U.S. government is building against him as the defendant is prosecuted in federal civilian court. More details and evidence can be expected in the weeks ahead.

The fact that these people went on television and deliberately lied to the American public over and over knowing the truth should land them all in prison.

A YouTube video that nobody ever saw? Give me a break! Where does Obama come up with this crap and how can he expect anyone one with a brain to believe his constant lies?

It’s unbelievable that ANYONE can even take this guy serious- in fact no one I know does…

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