BREAKING: New Democrat Congressional Campaign’s Senior Advisor In THIS City Is A Former Crack Dealer, “Trigger Man,” Gun-Runner For Infamous Gang, Currently On Parole

The newest democrat admitted to attempted murder, assault, running guns for fellow gang members from out-of-state sources, and distributing crack. How wonderful…


WOW! I swear to that the democrats have completely lost their collective minds.

Every morning I wake up to more insane news about what these scumbags are doing.

Biden? Forget it. He’s completely braindead and doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing or signing just as long as his handlers tell him it will undo what the real president DONALD J.TRUMP accomplished- which was to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Biden is busy kissing China and Iran’s asses and attacking white people, our military, our Law Enforcement Officials, ICE, The Border Patrol and basically destroying America on an hourly basis.

The world is laughing at us.

They no longer have to deal with a strong leader.

Now they are dealing with with a weak old man who does what he’s told by the far left radicals in his party.

Speaking of the far left radicals in his party, an article caught my eye on my friend’s website that I literally had to read twice to make sure I was reading was correct.

This is going to blow your mind and prove once again that the democrats are freaking evil, filthy scumbags.

Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up writes:

Democrats have gone out of their way to attack Republican lawmakers like freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who refuses to back down on her fight for the rights of members of Congress to carry their guns to work.  They see no hypocrisy, however, in hiring a former “triggerman,” and gun-runner for an upstate New York gang, as their senior advisor for diversity and inclusion.

On January 3, Boebert shot back at Dem attacks with a brilliant pro-2nd Amendment ad supporting her position for carrying a gun in Congress that went viral.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats who condemned Boebert for fighting for her legal right to carry a weapon is astounding…

If you’re a Democrat who’s been found guilty of attempted murder and gun-running, you’re worthy of a senior advisor in the Democrat Party—it’s just pro-2nd Amendment, law-abiding Republicans elected to Congress that the Democrat lawmakers have a problem with.

Washington Free Beacon reports – The newest employee for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is a former gang member who remains on parole in New York, according to state records.

Dyjuan Tatro, a former “triggerman” for an upstate New York gang, started this week as the campaign committee’s senior adviser for diversity and inclusion. Tatro, who earned a bachelor’s degree while behind bars, was released from federal prison in October 2017—but he is on parole in New York for drug and assault convictions that preceded his federal convictions, according to a database by the state’s Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.


Tatro was already in jail for the New York crimes in 2009 when a multi-agency federal RICO taskforce brought down Tatro’s gang, the Original Gangsta Killas. Court records indicate the scale of his criminal enterprise is much wider than previously reported.

In a December 2010 plea agreementTatro admitted to attempted murder, assault, running guns for fellow gang members from out-of-state sources, and distributing crack. The quantity of crack the Killas distributed was so large that Tatro was eligible for a life sentence, according to court records. A 2009 sentencing memo further reveals that Tatro remained in touch with members of the gang while he was incarcerated, raising questions as to when his gang association ended.

While the exact terms of Tatro’s parole agreement are unknown, New York parole guidelines provide that parolees shall not leave the state without permission from their parole officers. The guidelines also allow parole officers to conduct unaccounted spot checks at their place of employment. State documents also indicate that parolees with known gang affiliations such as Tatro are put in a “high-risk” category with further travel restrictions.

The DCCC defended its decision to hire Tatro after initial reports on his prior gang affiliation and support for the movement to defund the police.

Again, this absolutely blows my mind.

I mean we all know that the democrats have a ton of corrupt criminals already in place but apparently they are still hiring more.

This is absolutely outrageous but the spineless RINO’S will look the other way, do nothing and collect their whopping paychecks for sitting on their asses.

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