BREAKING NEWS Out Of NEW YORK- Multiple SHOT- Area On LOCKDOWN- Here’s What We Know

Multiple people have been shot by a gunman wearing a doctor’s coat inside a New York City hospital, sources say, and police are responding to what’s being called an active shooter situation.

The gunman at Bronx Lebanon Hospital was dressed in a white doctor’s-type coat when he shot at least four people shortly before 3 p.m., sources tell News 4. He’s said to be carrying a rifle.

The shooter is not yet in custody. Members of the NYPD’s most-armed units are responding.


A staff member at the hospital tells News 4 it is under lockdown as police help bring people out floor by floor.

Chopper 4 over the scene shows a sea of NYPD vehicles gridlocking the streets around the hospital. Officers were seen walking on the roof, surveying it.

The FDNY, meanwhile, says they’ve gotten a report of a smoke condition on the 16th floor of the hospital. They are on standby and not inside the hospital yet. Chopper 4 shows firefighters gathered outside the hospital entrance.

UPDATE- There are reports that the suspect is dead.

This is a breaking news story. Please check back for updates.

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