BREAKING News About Biden’s SURGE Of Illegal Aliens- It Getting Really Bad When You See THIS



Our nation is still in middle of a national crisis over the mass tidal wave of illegal aliens that arrive at our southern border on a daily basis.

The current regime is so dirty and corrupt that they continue to be deeply involved with the human trafficking at our borders and people are seemingly too busy to worry about the ramifications.

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President Joe Biden is “set to surge” the number of illegal aliens living across the United States, new analysis provided to Breitbart News details.


The analysis, conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), projects that the nation’s illegal alien population will increase dramatically as a result of Biden’s mass migration agenda where border crossers are routinely being released into the U.S. interior, most illegal aliens are evading deportation, and there are no plans for a crackdown on visa overstays.

The illegal alien population “could exceed 20 million” if Biden “implements all of his preferred policies” by the end of 2024, the analysis estimates.

“… the illegal alien population is set to surge under the Biden administration,” FAIR’s analysis states.


It is almost unfair to blame Biden, right?  I mean, after all he is just a puppet for his puppet masters that says what he is directed to say and does exactly what he is told.

What a complete and utter disgrace to our nation and the legal U.S. citizens!

Of course the left extremists are going to continue to ramp up the import of illegal aliens into our nation, why shouldn’t they?  It is not like the American public is concerned and the GOP is filled with hot air and no actions!

As evidence, FAIR notes that even as former President Donald Trump implemented strict border controls, boosted deportations of illegal aliens, and closed a number of visa loopholes, the illegal alien population “grew considerably” from their estimate of 12.5 million at the start of 2017 to 14.5 million by the end of 2020.

“This can be attributed to a number of reasons, including a strong economy throughout most of [Trump’s] presidency,” the analysis states:

However, it can also be attributed to a failure to enforce some existing laws or implement important policies that would deter migrants from coming to the United States illegally, such as mandatory E-Verify or the prosecution of businesses that hire those who are not authorized to work in the United States. [Emphasis added]

(Screenshot via Federation for American Immigration Reform)

Biden’s recent plans to slip an amnesty into a federal budget, drafted by Senate Democrats, would allow millions of illegal aliens would have “negative impacts on taxpayers,” the analysis states — one being that they would “immediately become eligible for federal welfare programs.”

“Previous reports by FAIR have revealed that illegal aliens earn far less on average than American citizens or lawfully present immigrants,” the analysis continues.

The flood of illegal immigration since Biden took office, the analysis states, is a direct result of Biden’s “promises of amnesty” in addition to his gutting of interior immigration enforcement and ending of most Trump-era border controls.

Analysis by Steven Kopits of Princeton Policy Advisors estimates that the Biden administration will drive nearly 1.7 million illegal aliens to the U.S.-Mexico border by the end of 2021 — making it the worst year for illegal immigration in American history.

For perspective, should nearly 1.7 million illegal aliens arrive at the border this year, this would be a foreign population three times the population of Wyoming.

Supposedly our nation is experiencing another round of COVID, which we are being told is due to variant D.  Would that not dictate that we shut our borders down and keep out those who are carrying the virus?  Not under Biden, he is more interested in what to color his daily coloring book and to hell with the nation and its citizens.

These numbers will have a direct impact on our nation and apparently the American public is too busy to be bothered about the sate of our nation.



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