BREAKING News About Hillary Clinton- The World Is About To Find THIS Out And It’s BIG


Scumbag Hillary Clinton is back in the news after years of cowering in her mansions- safe and sound and protected by the DEEP STATE.

She and Bill have escaped any action in spite of a slew of proven illegal actions dating back decades.


You may have read or heard somewhere that special counsel John Durham has indicted a second, low-level lawyer in connection with the “Russian collusion” hoax that bedeviled President Donald Trump for nearly the entirety of his term.

The arrest is of minimal consequence; the guy Durham charged, Michael Sussmann, used to be a federal prosecutor and is now a private-sector lawyer.

His charge? Lying…

Seems like nothing much from ‘Bull’ Durham but he is known to take his time and be meticulous in his investigations.

Personally I think he should speed his garbage up and let the heads roll.

But it’s who Sussman is connected to that is most important, as USA Features reports:

Former U.S. Attorney John Durham, who was appointed as a special counsel during the Trump administration to examine the origins of the so-called “Russiagate” scandal, will reportedly seek to indict an attorney connected to a firm that worked with the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton, according to The New York Times.

“NEW: Prosecutor John Durham has told a cyber lawyer — who works for the firm that repped Clinton campaign — that he wants to indict him on suspicion of lying about who he repped when he told F.B.I. in ’16 about potential ties b/w Trump and Russia,” Times correspondent Michael S. Schmidt tweeted Monday evening.

The lawyer, Michael Sussmann, is a partner at Perkins Coie, which has represented the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and which reportedly hired Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for compiling the Steele dossier.

The Washington Examiner’s editorial board provides more context for why this means more than it appears to mean:

Sussmann, who had worked with the FBI during its investigation into the Russian hack of DNC servers, told the FBI he had information showing a link between Trump and a Russian bank. During the meeting, Sussmann insisted to the FBI that he was turning the information over simply as a concerned citizen and that he was not working on behalf of any client. He further claimed that cybersecurity experts had approached him about a possible link between Trump and a Russian bank, but he never mentioned the true source of the data, Tech Executive-1.

This was a monstrous lie, and now, it has been exposed. Sussmann had been billing Hillary Clinton’s campaign for his collusion with Tech Executive-1 the whole time. That is, he was working for her. If the FBI had known that Sussmann approached it on behalf of the Clinton campaign merely so he could dish dirt on her political rival, it might never have opened an investigation. But since Sussmann lied about his motives and an investigation was opened. …

The Department of Justice inspector general would later conclude in 2019 that the link between Trump and Russian banks was utter fiction. But Sussmann had already primed the media with his false information, and they dutifully played their part in creating the Trump-Russia “narrative” that would distract and divide the nation for most of Trump’s presidency.

The Clintons’ grip on the Democratic Party is waning, for which mercy, heaven be praised. We won’t see another political family as corrupt. But more worrisome is the ease with which Big Tech executives use and abuse the power given to them by the federal government to spy on, then lie about, their political opponents.

It’s past time for Hillary to pay for her crimes.

We won’t hold our breath.

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