BREAKING News About Nancy Pelosi- WHOA

If walls don’t work then why is Pelosi insisting that the be a wall around the Capitol building?

SPECIAL REPORT: The government should create an around-the-clock “quick reaction force” of federal law enforcement officers or members of the National Guard at the U.S. Capitol, a six-week security review of the Jan. 6 riot led by retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré has recommended.


Fox News reports that a draft copy of the task force’s recommendations, exclusively obtained by Fox News, also calls for U.S. Capitol police reforms, an increased National Guard presence and stocking up on mobile fencing that could be deployed in response to a crisis in the future, then quickly packed up when it’s over.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had asked Honoré to lead a team of experts, dubbed Task Force 1-6, in a “nonpartisan” security review of the Capitol after the riot.

You can now forget about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, freedoms and protection from government overreach.

The democrats are afraid to represent the people and allow them to assemble in order to participate in government which is enshrined in our Constitution.


The insurrection is not taking place by “We The People” but by politicians in the House. They just violated their sworn duty to uphold Constitution law and voted for federal control. The Constitution expressly forbids this exact violation, it specifically states that legislatures control the state’s Presidential elections – not the Feds.

Fox News continued their report, The QRF, as proposed, would be manned 24/7, 365 days a year, and cost taxpayers between $40 and $130 million annually.

“[W]e recommend establishment of a robust, dedicated QRF, not only for the USCP, but to serve the nation’s capital writ large,” the report from Task Force 1-6 says.

Members of the force would either be recruited from existing federal law enforcement, established under the D.C. National Guard or from Guard units from all over the U.S. for three to six month stints, or reestablishing a military police battalion from troops “who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty.”

The National Guard was not created to be used against the citizens as a totalitarian police force.  It was created a reserve component of the military, only to be used in a times of state emergency needs or as relief units for active duty military.

This goes way beyond violating our nations laws, it is creating a protection force for the democrats.  Protection from what?  There are literally no actual threats against the Capitol and D.C. itself from the citizens.

What do the democrats have instore for our nation that is so horrific that they feel they need to turn D.C. into a militarized combat zone?

Fox News reported, Other recommendations include hiring nearly 900 more USCP officers, a 40% increase to the force. The department put in about 720,000 overtime hours in the last fiscal year, and currently has more than 200 vacant positions.

“Not only is this model unsustainable, it leaves the force with no ability to pull officers from the line to train,” the report says.

The documents also recommend that Capitol Police leadership be freed from bureaucratic red tape that slowed down the response on Jan. 6.  The report accused the U.S. Capitol Police of being “understaffed, insufficiently equipped, and inadequately trained” to handle the violent mob that stormed the Capitol.

“Freed from bureaucratic red tape” in other words, they want full control over a private military force that will do their bidding and not be bothered by congress and those pesky things called “laws”.

You can bet if they do this in D.C. you can expect to see these new “police” forces being created in every state, all in the name of security.

Fox News reported that a few politicians have questioned the need of such a force. Questions have been raised by lawmakers who say the Task Force appointed by Pelosi was not bipartisan.

Told about Honore’s recommendations’, Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., said in a statement to Fox News: “Speaker Pelosi continues to play politics behind closed doors regarding our security on Capitol Hill and lawmakers have been left in the dark for too long. Before any extension for National Guard presence is finalized, lawmakers should be briefed on the latest intelligence threat assessments to determine the necessity of keeping our servicemembers away from their families and full-time jobs. If more security is needed, it should by our Capitol Police with better planning and intelligence, not drawing from National Guardsmen and women that are needed for other missions such as vaccine distribution, natural disaster and overseas deployments.”

Democrats are the ones who have been demanding that local police forces need to be defunded due too using surplus military vehicles and law enforcement overreach.  NOW they want to set up a military reaction force that violates Constitutional Law.

A private and permanent “military force” that answers only to the democrats as well as does whatever they are told to do against U.S. Citizens.  What will become of this force once a republican president takes the house?  Yea, that is exactly what this force could prevent from happening.

This has nothing to do with security and protection, this is literally a Pelosi private armed force that she can control.


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