ALERT: 8 Year Old Transgender SUING Because…



CALIFORNIA – The parents of an 8-year-old transgender child are suing a private school saying their daughter (actually their son- he has a penis) was barred from using the girls’ restroom and was forced to wear a uniform for boys.

Parents Priya Shah and Jaspret Brar are suing Heritage Oak Private Education and its parent company, alleging that the school refused to call their son/daughter Nicole (Nikki) Brar by his/her name.

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Boo Hoo. Liberal snowflakes.


According to The Mercury News, the suit says the Yorba Linda school made Nikki wear a boy’s uniform and use the boy’s bathroom, and that teachers were not allowed to protect him from bullying.

None of this garbage even existed until aholes elected Hussein for POTUS.

The lawsuit says the school denied their daughter’s appeals to wear a girls’ uniform and rejected her requests to be called by the appropriate name and pronouns. The school also insisted that she use a staff restroom instead of the girls’ restroom and failed to address bullying in the classroom, according to the lawsuit.


The family is represented by Public Counsel, the largest pro bono public interest law firm in the country. In a statement through their attorney, the parents said their lawsuit is a fight for human dignity.

Lol- human dignity? You wouldn’t know dignity if it slapped you in the face you mentally disturbed freaks.

Nikki was born as a boy, but as a small child began showing preferences for toys and activities associated with girls — a behavior that is typical of transgender children, according to the lawsuit.

No, it means that the father neglected his son and as a result the kid turned into a freakshow.

The lawsuit says Nikki “preferred pink outfits and rainbow ponies,” and would wear her mother’s high-heeled shoes.

Oh for God’s sake, I’ve had enough. If I ever caught my son running around in rainbow dresses and women’s shoes I’d beat his ass.

Anyways, the a holes are suing and their kid will probably end up in a mental ward.

Hate on me if you want but I don’t buy into this whole transgender bullshit.

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God Bless!

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