BREAKING NEWS About Freddy Gray, Black Lives Matter DEVASTATED


Another lie propagated by Black Lives Matter has been thoroughly debunked.

Black Lives Matter has been built upon a foundation of lies and deceit, starting with “hands up, don’t shoot,” and going all of the way to Baltimore criminal Freddy Gray, who died after sustaining injuries in a police paddy wagon. At the time, rioters from BLM demanded the literal lynching of the officers involved with Gray’s death, ignoring the fact he was a drug dealer and convicted felon.


The officers in the case were all charged and tried for alleged crimes stemming from Gray’s unfortunate death, and on Tuesday, we learned the fate of Officer Caesar Goodson, who was driving the van transporting Gray.

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A three-member panel examined Goodson’s conduct on the night that his suspect was injured, and they came to an utterly devastating conclusion for Black Lives Matter – Goodson is “not guilty” on all counts.


BREAKING: Panel finds Baltimore van driver not guilty of all 21 administrative charges related to the death of Freddie Gray.

The Baltimore Sun reported that most of the charges related to Gray’s death were related to the manner in which he was transported, which means the entire narrative from BLM was based upon the lie that Goodson intentionally mistreated the man he had in custody. Gray was handcuffed and shackled when he was placed into the back of the van, but he wasn’t ever buckled in.

When police arrived at the jail, they found him unconscious after having sustained spinal injuries. Just a week after, he died in the hospital.

“This is a vindication of this officer,” said Sean Malone, one of Goodson’s attorneys. “This is a tragic accident that happened, and we’re sorry for the loss of Mr. Gray. But we’re glad that our client is not going to be the face of this incident.”

The panel’s decision is final, meaning that it cannot be challenged by the police department or the City of Baltimore.

The verdict comes after six other police officers had their cases dropped because there was absolutely no evidence to support charging them. In fact, their arrests were nothing more than a political witch hunt by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who promised justice before ever knowing the facts of the case.

Speaking of facts, this case, like with Michael Brown and Eric Garner, failed to hold up to scrutiny when actual facts were used to determine what happened, rather than the knee-jerk and emotional reactions from BLM and its supporters. Time and time again, these people are proven wrong.

On their quest to prove that “institutional racism” is actually a thing (it’s not), they continue to destroy their own credibility by refusing to wait for the facts of any particular case to come out, resulting in their lies being repeatedly debunked.

Unfortunately, for people like this, facts and the truth take a back seat to their political agenda.

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