BREAKING News From Barry Barack Obama- He Just Did THIS And Should Be In Prison!


It is bad enough we have the Biden regime setting fires all over our nation with unconstitutional legislation, executive orders as well as blasting the Bill of Rights.

Our nation is imploding under the ludicrous racial divide being manipulated by mainstream media and the puppets in the government, now the main two who truly pushed a racial divide, are pouring as much fuel as they can on the fires in our nation.

Breitbart reports that Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama voiced Tuesday their support to “reimagine policing” in American communities in reaction to the latest police shooting of Daunte Wright in Minnesota.


“Our hearts are heavy over yet another shooting of a Black man, Daunte Wright, at the hands of police,” the Obamas said in a statement, describing the shooting as proof of “just how badly we need to reimagine policing and public safety in this country.”

Wright was shot and killed Sunday by a Brooklyn Center police officer after he resisted arrest after a traffic stop. The police chief published body camera footage of the incident on Monday, arguing that a veteran police officer accidentally drew her gun instead of a Taser to subdue Wright.

Notice there is never any cries out for justice when a white person is shot and killed by law enforcement?  Hell any other color or nationality gets little to no news coverage, no protests demanding justice and no politicians pushing their propaganda and rhetoric.

That is not to take away from a life being lost by the hands of a police officer who may or may not have accidently shot Wright in Minnesota.

It is just stating facts, it is so blatantly obvious that these issues are by design, that didn’t start with Obama, but they became more fueled and on a far larger scale under his regime.

Breitbart continued:

“Michelle and I grieve alongside the Wright family for their loss,” Obama said. “We empathize with the pain that Black mothers, fathers, and children are feeling after yet another senseless tragedy.”

The Obamas acknowledged the shooting took place during the trial for the “heart-wrenching” murder of George Floyd and called for a full investigation.

“[W]e will continue to work with all fair-minded Americans to confront historical inequities and bring about nationwide changes that are so long overdue,” they said.

Barack Obama also voiced support for reimagining policing in June 2020 in reaction to the protests after the death of George Floyd.

He said the shooting incidents were the result of structural problems in the United States.

“[T]hey’re the result of a long history of slavery and Jim Crow and red lining and institutionalized racism that too often have been the plague, the original sin of our society,” he said during an online conversation on the issue.

Seriously, their rhetoric is clearly racist against every other person of color except black people!  How in the hell has society allowed itself to become so indoctrinated and taken to their knees as sheep?

All of this is BY DESIGN, to push Marxism which all roads of Marxism lead to communism and total dictatorship control over the people.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute showed how Obama studied Saul Alinsky’s radical agendas and put them into motion during his eight years as President:

As the Washington Post summarized, Alinsky, “… concluded that electoral politics offered few solutions to the have-nots marooned in working-class slums. His approach to social justice relied on generating conflict to mobilize the dispossessed.

Alinsky synthesized his theory of political agitation is his famous 1971 book, “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals”, considered a founding text of modern community organizing and a classic of radical-leftist agitation-propaganda theory.

Obama received a comprehensive course in Saul Alinsky during his years as a community organizer in Chicago, an experience Obama recalled as “the best education he ever had.”

Years later in 2007, The New Republic’s Ryan Lizza interviewed then-senator Obama and found him still “at home talking Alinskian jargon about ‘agitation,’” and fondly recalling organizing workshops where he had learned Alinsky-esque concepts like “being predisposed to other people’s power.”

Amazingly enough, no matter how much evidence, facts and truths are revealed about what is really going on in our nation, the sheep choose to ignore it all.

Not only is Marxism working, it is working to perfection just as Obama and the puppet masters set in place to create and set into motion.

If a person speaks the truth, uses evidence, facts and logic to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our nation is purposely being destroyed so that it can be rebuilt under communism, they are labeled racist, conspiracy nut-jobs, political extremists and white nationalists.

Welcome To The New America…


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