BREAKING News From Mike Flynn- This Is So Big That EVERYONE Needs To Spread THIS EVERYWHERE

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn hammers out some blunt truth that every red-blooded American needs to hear and yet, mainstream media ignores it and it is all because they do not want the truth to be known.

No matter a person’s beliefs on Flynn and everything he went through, what he has to say IS the truth and when a man of Flynn’s brass within the military actually tells the truth, it would behoove a person to listen.

It has been six months since Flynn received a pardon from then-President Donald Trump for allegations he lied to the FBI.

Although defending the charges against a well-resourced government took a toll on him and his family, the retired U.S. Army lieutenant general tells people not to feel sorry for him, Breitbart reports.  

During an interview on Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5 days a few days before an appearance he is set to make at an event for the Jefferson County Republican Party in Birmingham, AL, Flynn argued the real victim worthy of pity was the country and the presidency.

“The example of what happened to me is a clear example of a political persecution of an individual who spent his life in service to this country,” he said. “And people come up to me and say, Jeff, ‘I’m so sorry for what happened to you.’ But I tell people don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for our country. Feel sorry for our president. Feel sorry for the presidency of the United States of America because they didn’t just attack me, Mike Flynn. They attacked an entire system of a free and fair government that we have because Donald Trump happened to win and take out the power base of Washington, D.C. and the corruption.”

“Now specifically, specifically on Department of Justice, which includes our illustrious FBI, the lead agent, in fact, in my case and the lead agent in what is now called ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ his name is [William] Barnett — if you read his testimony, in October 2020, only a few months ago, where he said the entire thing was to get Flynn, to get Trump — I mean, how egregious is that? That’s documented. That’s in testimony. That’s under oath. That’s the lead agent of the FBI that handled the entire case. And he waited until October 2020 to say that.”

“Shame on him,” he added. “He’ll have to face his own judgment someday out in front of the pearly gates or the gates of hell.”

Flynn is telling everyone what some have known for years, that the feds are nothing but bought and paid for corrupt head hunters.  The FBI is supposed to be an independent agency that was founded on former secret service agents:

Seeking to form an independent and more efficient investigative arm, in 1908 the Department of Justice hired 10 former Secret Service employees to join an expanded Office of the Chief Examiner. The date when these agents reported to duty—July 26, 1908—is celebrated as the genesis of the FBI.  ~ HISTORY

The blunt truth is, every damn government agency is bought and paid for, especially any that hold any type of law enforcement powers.

This isn’t speculation or even conspiracy theory, these are facts and have been proven so astronomically that it is literally impossible to list the facts of their corruption.

If people actually knew just how corrupt and evil these government agencies actually are, well, let’s just say it is safe to say that a nation of very angry citizens would not tolerate such evil communism.

Breitbart continued: 

Flynn also took aim at the culture within the Justice Department, which he said incentivized convictions and not truth.

Now for the Department of Justice — the Department of Justice, and I want all of your listeners to know, and I know it’s mostly southern Alabama, in that region of the country — our Department of Justice is incentivized. The people that work there — they are incentivized by convictions and not by discovering the truth. So they get promoted based on how many bodies they’re able to bury or how many scalps they’re able to get. I hate to use those phrases. But that’s the truth. That’s the reality. They’re incentivized by convictions and not discovering the truth. That’s the culture that has been rampant since probably the ’90s and leading into the last two decades really in this country. So that’s not good.”

“That’s unhealthy for our country,” he added. “It’s unhealthy for our country that bases everything on the rule of law. We should be guided by a moral set of laws, which we generally are, which is our Bill of Rights, which is based on the Ten Commandments. All you’ve got to do is study our Constitution, study our Bill of Rights, study the Bible, study the Ten Commandments. And you see, the principles found in the Ten Commandments are fulfilled in our Constitution, and they come out of the fulfillment of the Bible and the promises that we make to each other. And the Department of Justice and those that work inside the Department of Justice, particularly in Washington, D.C. — they’ve lost their way. They have lost their way.”

One can only imagine that the incentivized law enforcement is on every single level of law enforcement.  Example would be that patrol officers are supposed to get X amount of traffic violations, misdemeanors and felony arrests every month.

Which in turn their records are used for raises and promotions.  Now just how is that, “To Serve and Protect” the citizens of their local areas, it is more like they have become tax collectors for local government and head hunters for privatized prison systems.

One thing is for damn sure, our nation needs a “RESET” button when it comes to our corrupt and ludicrous legal system.


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