BREAKING News From Obama/Biden’s Hench Woman- She Came Out Of Her Cave To Say THIS

There is a storm on the horizon and it is heading right to everyone’s front door!  The radical left already wants every single person vaccinated and if a person makes the personal choice to receive the vaccination, then they are already being blamed for the spread of variant D.

Now people are losing their jobs if they choose not to get the vaccine!


Citizens have, what are supposed to be protected rights, yet the left radicals are using mainstream media to push their radical hate onto the public to go after people who have the audacity to choose for themselves if they want to get vaccinated.

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Breitbart reports that Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that she supported coronavirus vaccine mandates.


Jarrett said, “I’m all for mandating it. I know in this country, it’s hard to mandate things. I think what we can do is say, look, if you want them to make their own decision, fine, but we’re not going to let you come to sporting events or schools.”

Mitchell asked, “What about mandating it for healthcare workers?”


Jarrett said, “Absolutely. I am all for mandates, particularly for people who are interfacing with the public. The only way we can contain this disease, we know, is with vaccinations. So for public health workers, of course, they should be vaccinated, and for people working in our restaurant, of course, they should be vaccinated. I take a pretty hard line in terms of the mandates.”

She added, “We’re saying if you want to be a part of this society, our responsibility is to keep it as healthy as possible, take the vaccine.”

Since when has our nation ever allowed the government to force submission onto citizens, especially when it comes to people’s personal health choices?

The government has already launched the door-to-door agenda to push the vaccine onto those who do not want it.  Now they want to simply make it a forced mandate and they want consequences forced onto those who say NO!

Breitbart continued, Mitchell asked, “What do you think about what the NFL is doing?”

Jarrett said, “I’m all for it. I agree with the doctor, mandate it, but short of that, you have to create both carrots and sticks.”

She concluded, “I think it is now time for us to take firm measures and try to get as many people vaccinated as possible, and where appropriate, there should be a mandate.”

So now we want to follow a “woke” and corrupt organization that support and endorses Black Lives Matter and the radical left?

The NFL has made it mandatory for players and coaches to get the vaccine or face consequences that include getting fired, forfeiting games as well as fines.

As Breitbart reported in another report:

 A longtime NFL assistant is now out of a job after refusing to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Rick Dennison, one of the most highly-reputed offensive minds in the game, reportedly parted ways with the Vikings on Friday after refusing to receive the coronavirus vaccine. According to league rules, all Tier 1 personnel, including coaches, are required to receive the vaccine or provide religious and/or medical reasons for why they cannot.

All it takes is the first domino to fall for the rest to fall into place and one can easily speculate that in the very near future people will be forced to get the vaccine or be fired from their jobs, shop for food and to be in any public area.

Welcome to the New America under the radical left regime…



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