In a Tuesday discussion about The New Yorker’s cover featuring Michael Bennett and Colin Kaepernick standing beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed,” Shannon Sharpe took a shot at the country’s founding fathers, Breitbart reports.


Racism comes in all forms and from the educated to the uneducated, in today’s society it is used to further political agenda’s and the main driving force behind Black Lives Matter.

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Shannon Sharpe, ex-NFL tight end in the NFL, opens his mouth and shows his true hate and racial agenda:


Sharp: “All I want is fair and equal, The Constitution said it was going to be fair and equal. Now, I know when you wrote that you weren’t writing it for me but you say, ‘But the Constitution says…”

Rob Parker: interrupted Sharp and stated that, “It doesn’t say white men, it says all men.”


Sharp:  “They put that in there, but there were no blacks at the table. There were no women at the table. So, in actuality, they meant all men — all white men.”

The ignorance and blatant racism in what he believes is dumbfounding as well as his complete lack of American history.

The blunt truth is that the New Yorker cover, is a complete disgrace and Martin Luther King Jr. locked arm in arm with 2 complete racists who promote hate and violence, who endorse a domestic terrorist group (Black Lives Matter), is shameful and propaganda used to influence more Black Americans to drink the lies and use racism for hate.

From Clay Travis at Outkick The Coverage:

Back on September 7th I was the only person brave enough to point out something important — Michael Bennett was lying about most of the claims of racism he had levied against Las Vegas police. As the rest of the sports media fell all over themselves to condemn the Las Vegas police, I actually reviewed the evidence and pointed out that Bennett’s story didn’t add up.

And for that I was ridiculed and called racist by thousands online.

But, guess what, when I know I’m right, I don’t run from critics, I double and triple down.

The title of my piece didn’t tip toe up to my opinion either, it was straightforward and direct — Michael Bennett Is Lying.

Yesterday afternoon the Las Vegas police, after reviewing 193 different videos of that night, released a two minute video that proves their officers didn’t racially profile Bennett, didn’t use excessive force, and treated Bennett with respect throughout their interaction. (Bennett’s defenders, a tiny group compared to the people who initially believed him, are complaining because this video is edited, but that’s because it’s spliced together from multiple cameras to give a coherent picture of what transpired that night.)

Bennett lied to the public, his teammates and mainstream media, claiming the Vegas PD were racist and after him simply because he is black as well as “Vegas PD” used excessive force.

To sum it all up, all the videos proved the Vegas PD treated him fairly, did not use force and let him go after Bennett, with no I.D., told Vegas PD to “google” him.  Vegas PD did exactly that and let him go based off Bennett’s request to be googled to prove who he was.

Blunt truth, Bennett has no honor, no integrity as he straight up attempted to lie and deceive the American populace and accuse the Vegas PD of being racist.  All in the name of spreading more hate of LEO and white people.  Black Lives Matter Modus Operandi 101.

The American populace should be well aware of the deplorable and anti-American antics of Kaepernick.

To sum up the dumpster fire that is Kaepernick, he single handedly destroyed the NFL by promoting hate and violence against Law Enforcement as well as white people.

To further his disgrace, he has converted to Islam and now promotes anti-America ideology.  The bottom line is, the guy had a short life in the NFL and once the NFL saw the truth of who he actually is, they “support” his rights but no team will sign him simply because he lacks the talent.

Kaepernick promotes Black Lives Matter, hate, racism, violence and attempts to spread his filth to the youth to further Black Lives Matter and Islam’s agenda.  He deserves to be in a deep hole and nothing more, pure trash.

Now, the NFL began the 2017 season by taking a knee on the field against the National Anthem and all it stands for.

As the disgraceful players continued their cowardly acts, some Americans took a stand and stopped watching and endorsing the NFL.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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