The left continues to prove they have no soul.

Ever since President Trump took office, both Barron and Melania have the subjected to the most cruel forms of bullying and mockery one could imagine, all from unhinged leftists unable to cope with losing a free and fair election. One would think that as time passed, their attacks would become fewer in number and less harsh as the agony of defeat wore off and they moved on with their lives, but you’d be wrong…dead wrong.


In fact, the longer President Trump remains in office, the more vicious their assaults against the First Family have become, the latest of which involves First Lady Melania’s beautiful Christmas decorations at the White House.

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We previously reported that Melania personally chose most of the decorations for the People’s House, and she did a remarkable job. Not only was the Christmas spirit perfectly captured with her elegant designs, but she brought back something the Obama White House had chosen to nix from its display – the coveted Nativity Scene.

Looks amazing, doesn’t it? We thought so too, and wanted to give Melania all the credit in the world for taking her time to decorate the White House so beautifully.

However, the left doesn’t appear to be big of fans of the First Lady’s talent for interior design. When the White House first revealed this year’s Christmas theme, leftists across Twitter immediately started brutally mocking Melania’s hard work.

To be honest, it’s enough to make you enraged.

The Daily Mail has more:

Twitter has gone into meltdown over the White House’s ‘creepy’ Christmas decorations which many say would not look out of place in a horror movie.

Melania Trump was said so have ‘personally selected’ most of the Christmas decor for this year’s ‘time honored traditions’ theme, according to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

But while most rooms featured, warm and welcoming displays, one room looked more frightening than festive.

The eerie, twig-lined hallway has been compared to everything from The Shining to the Adam’s Family after Stephanie Grisham, one of White House communications team for Melania, shared a photo of the room on Sunday.

Now hundreds of people have flocked social media to mock the first lady’s unusual artistic choice.

Below is a sampling of what these cretins were saying:

These people are something else, aren’t they? Is there really nothing left in this country that’s sacred?

The depravity of the left seems to know no bounds, but then again it’s really not surprising considering how they’ve conducted themselves for the past year – like petulant children throwing the world’s longest collective temper tantrum.

Meanwhile, to the rest of us, the beautifully arranged hallway looks like what it’s supposed to represent – a snow-covered forest with a gorgeous Christmas Tree at the end of a row of other trees.

These people really need to get a damn life already.

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