BREAKING News: Mrs. #DefundThePolice, Ilhan Omar Is The Biggest Hypocrite EVER- She Wants To Create A FEDERAL POLICE Task Force To Do THIS

The left cannot seem to make up their own minds on what they want, everything from defunding police departments to now, wanting to nationalize police departments under federal control.

With all the violence going on in our nation from Black Lives Matter and Antifa hate groups, would it not make more sense to simply enforce the laws we currently have and go after the thugs?  That would mean the democrats would have to admit that their hate groups are actually the problem.


Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., plans to reintroduce a bill next week that would create a federal agency to independently investigate police killings and in-custody deaths, Fox News reports.

The eight-member board would be appointed by the president to carry out investigations into police use of force and issue findings and determinations of responsibility.

Under Omar’s bill, if police departments don’t follow through on the board’s recommendations, their federal funding could be cut.

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“This is going to be a proactive board that does the work on behalf of our country in trying to make sure that these agents of the law are taking their oath seriously and that the work they’re doing is work that helps communities feel safe,” Omar told KARE 11 in Minnesota.


Sounds more like creating an 8 person team to federalize police mandates, which essentially would turn the police departments into federal police.

You cannot tell me 8 people can keep up with the investigations, be fair and impartial during their investigations as well not be part of the democratic regime.

Fox News continues:

Omar said the new agency would be modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which investigates major traffic, train and airline accidents. 

“It’s an existing agency. It’s one that works,” Omar said in the Friday interview. “And we believe our criminal justice system needs an agency like that.”

In an email to supporters on April 14, Omar’s team announced her plans to reintroduce the National Police Misuse of Force Investigation Board Act and described how the legislation was needed to hold law enforcement officers accountable.

“This legislation is an important step in stopping the disturbing pattern of police violence,” Omar’s campaign team wrote in soliciting support for her bill. “But we need a groundswell of grassroots support to make sure this bill becomes law.”

More than likely it is just a distraction, something else for everyone to focus on while the democrats continue their assault on our nation and our protected rights.

With the latest push to make D.C. a state, pack the supreme court and the border crisis, mainstream media continues pushing the racism agenda.  All of which are created by design to manipulate the sheep into uniting under racial guilt.

The House already passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act earlier this year. The legislation, which awaits Senate action, would overhaul standards for police tactics and conduct at the federal level. Prominent measures include a federal ban on no-knock warrants and chokeholds, limits on qualified immunity shielding police from civil lawsuits, a framework to prevent racial profiling and the establishment of a national registry on allegations of police misconduct.

But that legislation doesn’t have Republican backing in the Senate and without removing the legislative filibuster that requires 60 votes to advance such bills any police reforms would need bipartisan support.

For the most part, police departments are civil servants who serve and protect the citizens.  We do have police issues of overreach, being militarized as well as a few turn out to be corrupt.

One of the answers is to have communities reach out to police departments and have open conversations to heal and bridge the gap between police and the people.

Another solution would be to OBEY THE FREAKING LAW!



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God Bless.

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