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A 5-year-old was stabbed to death and the child’s mother and father — a grad student — were wounded at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill early Sunday morning, investigators said.

UNC Police said the incident unfolded around 12:10 a.m. Sunday in a single-family home at UNC’s Baity Hill, which is housing for graduates and student families.

Police said the incident was a domestic dispute.

The child was stabbed with a knife, UNC Police said.

Details on what led to the death were unclear. The three were residents, investigators said, and the father is a graduate student at UNC.

The parents and a suspect were receiving medical treatment, WNCN reported. Additional details on the suspect were unclear.

“I hope the police or the campus can give us a report of what actually happened,” said Cheng Cao, who lives in Baity Hill, CBS reported.

“It’s super shocking because Baity is an amazing complex. It’s super safe and I’ve not heard of anything like this before. So I think it’s really shocking. I still can’t believe it,” said Rutu Shah, who lives in Baity Hill.

According to Baity Hill’s Facebook page, the housing is described as: “Carolina’s premier apartment community for student families. As a resident of Baity Hill at Mason Farm, you’ll enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with unparalleled attention to your needs.”

UNC Police said the investigation is ongoing, and no names have been released.

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