A group known as Yes California is pushing to have California secede from the United States of America.  Dubbed CalExit the original attempt was withdrawn.  A second attempt is now being made in an effort to put the CalExit measure on the 2018 ballot.

This initiative proposes to form a commission to discover and recommend avenues for California to secede, thus declare their independence from the United States.

The commission would also delete a portion of their state constitution proclaiming the state to be an inseparable part of the U.S. There would also be an additional measure that would give direction on how the governor and the California congressional delegation would negotiate more autonomy for the state.

I am still personally trying to figure out what they hope to accomplish by this.

This is a state that still has a failing and crumbling infrastructure – remember the Oroville dam crisis, wildfires, mudslides, water shortages, rolling blackouts, crumbling roads and bridges, and a host of other issues.

Gov. Jerry Brown is the highest paid governor in the nation and the people of the state of California are among some of the most heavily taxed with the least amount of freedom.  The state literally just had a massive tax increase due to a Democratic supermajority and yet Brown still came to President Trump hat in hand asking for additional funds – for which he received.

How exactly does California propose to make it without any of those things?  Or did they suddenly get a wake-up call where they plan to scale back their government to a significant degree, plan to stop running off businesses, stop fostering and supporting illegal immigrants and actually REPAIR their infrastructure?

Yes California now has the green light to reintroduce the CalExit measure and begin collecting signatures to add the proposal to the ballot. Supporters of a plan for California to become independent from the United States can now begin gathering the more than 585,000 signatures the measure will need in order to qualify for the 2018 ballot.

One in three Californians surveyed by Reuters/Ipsos in a recent poll wants the state to leave the US. Tuesday afternoon current sitting California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office released an official title and summary for the secession initiative. The measure is now known as the “California Autonomy From Federal Government” initiative.

The original version was a lot more aggressive.  This second version of the secession proposal is scaled back from the original.  Rather than just leaving it calls for the governor of California to negotiate more autonomy from the federal government up to and including the proposed ballot measure for independence. This version does not necessarily have California exiting the country fully as the original did, but rather it will allow the state to be a “fully functioning sovereign and autonomous nation” within the U.S. — think Indian reservation.

Plan supporters of the plan known informally as “Calexit” have 180 days to collect all the necessary signatures in order to place the item on the ballot.

Backers for California secession gathered outside the Capitol

Supporters of California secession effort gathered outside the Capitol

Current projections show that should this initiative be successful, the fiscal analysis projects that this would cost the state of California at least $1.25 million annually for this proposed advisory commission to assist the California governor with the state’s plan for independence.  The advisory committee would also be responsible for the “unknown, potentially major, fiscal effects if California voters approved changes to the state’s relationship with the United States at a future election after the approval of this measure.”

The earlier effort for a more aggressive ballot measure was pulled by its backers less than three months after it got the green light to start gathering signatures.



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