BREAKING News Out Of California… He Just Committed SUICIDE!

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A young woman who wanted to be an actress mysteriously disappeared from her Hollywood apartment last month and now she is believed to be dead.

Adea Shabani, 25, a native of Macedonia, came to the United States fewer than two years ago to pursue a career in acting. She had been living in Los Angeles when she was last seen Friday, Feb. 23, 2018, near her home. Police confirmed to FOX11 that family and friends believe Shabani is dead.


Family and friends became worried about Shabani after she was not active on social media and was not returning phone calls.

“This is not her, this is not her,” Emma Joe, a friend of Shabani’s, told KTLA earlier this month. “Something is going on with her, we don’t know where she is. It’s just so sad, we’re just hoping she’s alive.”

The man she was romantically involved with committed suicide Thursday after a police pursuit, Fox News reports.

Chris Spotz, 33, who is also an aspiring actor, was linked to Shabani romantically. KTLA reported Shabani and Spotz met at acting school.


The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said Spotz led officers on a police chase in a stolen truck on Thursday. Spotz reportedly had a passenger in the stolen vehicle but stopped to let the person out before continuing the pursuit. The driver shot himself in the head as officers tried to deploy a felony traffic stop, Fox News reports.

Authorities told NBC Los Angeles the vehicle might have been used in a homicide. Further details on the homicide were not immediately available.

Police believe Shabani was killed in the region between Hollywood and Sacramento. Officers have asked anyone with information to come forward.


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