BREAKING News Out Of Kentucky- LOOK What They Are Doing To “White Supremacists”



“Make America Great Again, Again!”

Well okay, sounds good to me.


So how does this sound?

“White citizenship as terrorism: Make America Great Again, Again.”

That doesn’t sound so good does it?

Check this out.


Fox News reports that a Kentucky college is scheduled to host an event critical of Donald Trump and associating the former president and “white citizenship” with terrorism.

These lunatics really just can’t get Trump out of their heads.

A flyer obtained by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) describes the event as a way to “resituate Trumpism and white citizenship as forms of white terrorism enacted against the majority of people living within the borders of the U.S. and beyond.”

Titled “White citizenship as terrorism: Make America Great Again, Again,” the event is set to take place on March 17 via Zoom, according to a page on Berea College’s website. The Women’s and Non-Gender Non-Conforming Center is sponsoring the session with the Law, Ethics, and Society at the college.

So another example of schools using indoctrination against former President Trump as well as “white nationalism”.

This is beyond infuriating because in today’s society, it seems to be working and is literally racism!

Fox News continued:

YAF said it obtained the flyer through its Campus Bias Tip Line. It features images of protesters carrying tiki torches at the racially charged Charlottesville, Virginia, protests at the beginning of Trump’s presidency.

The flyer also takes a critical approach to the “Make America Great Again” slogan. “Despite calls for multiculturalism and color-blindness, segments of white America mourn their so-called loss of privilege, consistently begging to return to the nostalgic past in which their esteemed value as white citizens went unquestioned,” it reads.

“Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ appears to follow suit by offering a seemingly benign promise to return America to a previously ‘great’ past. But the offer to ‘Make America Great Again, Again,’ requires we refocus on how the last four years of daily tweets and administrative actions redefine whiteness. If terrorism is defined as the use of violence and threats to create a state of fear towards particular communities and identities, then this is what ‘Trumpism’ is at its core.”

It is baffling how easily citizens are manipulated and follow whatever indoctrination is being taught to them.  Where are the parents of these students to oppose such blatant as well s horrific curriculum?

Former President Trump never did anything, that we are aware of, that insulted any form of racism nor promoted any form of “white nationalism”.

Berea defended the event in a statement to Fox News Thursday.

 “To some, the provocative title of the event implies that Berea is not a welcoming place for individuals with differing political views,” a statement from the college read. 

“We encourage open dialog on difficult topics. Racism and white nationalism have been topics of great debate over the past five years. The event planned for next week seeks to confront aspects of the political spectrum that relate to the difficult topic of race in America. While that may cause discomfort, it is a valid and important conversation in this time of political and racial division. It is our hope that these types of conversations will occur across the country. Open, honest dialogue is essential to understanding racism and moving toward an anti-racist society.”

One can only have an open dialogue with people when it is open minded and with no agenda, however, it is clear that is not the intent of this event.

People should be infuriated over the ridiculous amount of hate being pushed by the democrats when it comes to racism as they focus on “white nationalism”.

This is not peace and unity for all nor is it even in any form, coming together to discuss racial issues with open minds to achieve peaceful solutions.

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